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Our Donors

July 1, 2002-June 30, 2003

Legacy Society | President's Circle ($100,000+) | Leadership Circle ($50,000-$99,999)
Benefactor's Club ($25,000-$49,999) | Pacesetter's Club ($10,000-$24,999)
Sponsor's Club ($5,000-$9,999) | Friend's Club ($1,000-$4,999)
Visionary ($750-$999) | Leader ($500-$749) | Mentor ($250-$499)
Colleague ($100-$249) | Anchor I ($50-$99) | Anchor II ($0-$49)

Mentor ($250-$499)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Agnone
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Alberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson
Ms. Maria Andrade
Mrs. Anne D. Archibald
Ms. Theodora Aspegren
Dr. John W. Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. J. Stephen Bentz
Mr. & Mrs. G. Spencer Berger
Mr. David L. Beutel
Mr. George E. Binns
Ms. Sheila E. Blumstein
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Bodell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Bodell
Ms. Barbara Bohan
Capt. H?bert W. Bolles
Mrs. Mary T. Botelle
Brauchler-Collins Charitable Foundation
Ms. Deborah Brayton
Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Brockway
Mr. David T. Buckwalter
Cara Communications Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Carcieri
Mr. Nicholas Cardi, Jr.
Carolina Free Baptist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Carrella
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Casavant
Mr. Amos F. Cecchi
Mrs. William G. Chafee
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Chaney
Ms. Alexandra Chapman
Jeffrey and April Chase-Lubitz
Ms. Nancy Conte
Ms. Joanna Coppola-Foster
Mr. James Corcoran
Mr. John Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Corcoran
Mr. Ron Cordier
Mr. William J. Corr
Cranston Print Works Company
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Cutler
Mr. Herbert E. Davis
Mr. Minot Davis
Ms. Julie A. Deangelis
Mrs. Elizabeth R. DeBlois
Deblois Fund Grant
Ms. Barbara G. Decesare
Capt. Norman Deneault
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Dolan III
Dome Construction
Mrs. Joyce E. Drake
Ms. Lana Drew
Mrs. Doris W. Drury
Ms. Dorothy Durken-Kenney, Esq.
Mr. James Englund
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Feibelman
Feinstein High School
Fleet Boston Financial Foundation
Ms. Pat Florence
FM Global Foundation
Genzyme Biosurgery
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Gerard
Mr. Franco Giarrusso
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilbane
Major and Mrs. David Gordon
Mr. David I. Gourley
Ms. Mary E. Grogan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grosvenor
Mr. & Mrs. B. David Hammarstrom
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Harding, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Harrington
Dr. Robert W. Harrison
Mr. Edwin H. Hastings
Mr. Paul S. Haughey
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Heisler III
Higgins, Cavanagh & Cooney, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hogg
Ms. Grace L. Holland
Joseph and Sandra Hooper
Mr. Robert M. Horrobin
Ms. Eleanor J. Hovey
Mr. & Mrs. J. Garry Hoyt
Ms. Lois M. Hurst
Ms. Ellen C. Jacke
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kehew
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kennedy
Mrs. Renee Kershner
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kingsley
Kingston Bowl
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kubica
Laird Norton Family Fund
Mr. Andre A. Laus
Ms. Donna Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Lewis
Mrs. Janice W. Libby
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lohrum
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lynes
Ms. Shirley MacGillivray
Dr. Michael B. Macko
Mr. and Mrs. Willard E. Marcley
Mr. Duncan H. Mauran
Mr. James H. McFarland, Jr.
McLaughlin Automotive Stores
Mr. and Mrs. Houghton P. Metcalf, Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen A. Michaluk
Mike's Pro. Tree Service, Inc.
Ms. Dia L. Montville
Ms. Sidney Morgan
Ms. Kathleen M. Murray
Dr. Martin Nager
Dr. and Mrs. Bachu Naik
NCC Wardroom Fund
Ms. Florence Nebus
Ms. Gretchen P. Needham
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Neubauer
Ms. Barbara Epstein and Mr. Zaland Newman
Newport Schooner Tours
Mr. and Mrs. James Noonan
Mr. and Mrs. John L. O'Brien, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian O'Reilly
Mr. Karl W. Olsen
Our Lady of Victories Regional
Mrs. Alice Oyer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Palmer
Ms. Beatrice A. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Paster
Patridge Snow & Hahn Llp
Mr. Henrique T. Pedro
Senator and Mrs. Claiborne Pell
Ms. Barbara G. Peters
Ms. Carol A. Peterson
Mr. Robert G. Pollitt
Ms. Dorothy M. Poole
Mr. and Mrs. Alferd K. Potter II
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Rauso
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Reid
Remax Professionals
Rhode Island Carpenters Local Union
Rhode Island Dental Association
Rhode Island Interscholastic league
Rhode Island Service Alliance
Rhode Island Veterans Chapel Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Rieger
Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Rines
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Ross
Rotary Club of East Greenwich
RADM Ronald A. Route
Ms. Nina M. Ryder
Ms. Cora Saccucci
Major General and Mrs. John J. Salesses, USMC (Ret
Mrs. A. Doris Salvadore
Ms. Judith Salvadore
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Samson
Ms. Nicole Sarault
Mr. Douglas E. Scala
Mr. Rounsevelle Schaum
Mrs. Elizabeth H. Schumann
Capt. and Mrs. F.M. Snyder USN (RET)
South County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spargo
St. Thomas Regional School
Ambassador and Mrs. Paul D. Taylor, Ret.
Ms. Aline A. Tetreault
The Newman Club
Mr. Lowell S. Thomas
Mr. R. Bart Totten
Town of Exeter
Mr. Truslow
Ms. Lynne Tungett
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Turner
Twin Oaks Inc
United Way Of Central Mass
Mr. James Vincent
Mr. and Mrs. John Vitha
Ms. Jean D. Volpe
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Wagner
Mr. John T. Walsh, Jr.
Mr. Malcolm F. Wheeler
RADM and Mrs. Glenn Whisler Jr.
Mr. Sheldon Whitehouse
Wigwam Inc.
Mr. Jay Wilson
Ms. Cherie Withow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wotherspoon
Mr. Alan Wurdeman
Mr. William S. Yale
Ms. Adele E. Young
Ms. Anna E. Zopfi

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