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July 1, 2002-June 30, 2003

Legacy Society | President's Circle ($100,000+) | Leadership Circle ($50,000-$99,999)
Benefactor's Club ($25,000-$49,999) | Pacesetter's Club ($10,000-$24,999)
Sponsor's Club ($5,000-$9,999) | Friend's Club ($1,000-$4,999)
Visionary ($750-$999) | Leader ($500-$749) | Mentor ($250-$499)
Colleague ($100-$249) | Anchor I ($50-$99) | Anchor I ($0-$49)

Anchor II ($1-$49)

A Child`s World Creative Learning Ctr Inc
Abbott & Associates, Inc.
Mrs. Lillian Abedon
Mr. Deforest W. Abel, Jr.
Ms. Nancy P. Abercrombie
Mr. John P. Acheson
Ms. Dana F. Achorn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Adam
Mr. Clinton Adams
Ms. Dorothy Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Adams
Ms. Harriet H. Adams
Ms. Margaret W. Adams
Mrs. Lillian Affleck
Mr. and Mrs. John Aguiar
Mr. Hisham Aharon
Ms. Josephine Ahmed
Mr. Mohiuddin Ahmed
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Aiello
Mrs. Sophie A. Aiello
Mrs. William Aitkenhead
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Albamonti
Mr. Donald F. Alden
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Aldrich, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Aldrich
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Alegria
Mrs. Hope P. Alexander
Ms. Irene M. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael G. Alfaia
Ms. Louise B. Allaire
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Allan II
Mr. James Allen
Ms. Janet N. Allen
Mr. Ronald Allen
Allstate Giving Campaign
Mrs. Ellen M. Allwell
Ms. Mary Almagno
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Almanzor
Ms. Marianna S. Almedia
Mrs. Antoinette Almeida
Ms. Dorothy R. Almeida
Mrs. Idalia C. Almeida
Ms. Lillian Almeida
Ms. Mary E. Almeida
Mr. Richard J. Alsfeld
Ms. Anna Altieri
Mr. Alfred P. Alvarez
Mr. Manuel Alvernaz
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Amaral
Ms. Sarah Amaral
American Legion Auxiliary
American Legion Auxilliary
American Legion Post #2
Ms. Frances J. Amico
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander L. Amoruso
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Amylon
Mr. David Anderson
Ms. Edna M. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Anderson
Mr. Henry H. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Hugold B. Anderson
Ms. Kathleen Anderson
Mr. Morton R. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Andrade
Ms. Jennie P. Andrade
Mr. Robert Andreotti
Ms. Florence Andreozzi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Andreozzi
Ms. Claire Andrews
Mr. Frank B. Andrews
Mrs. Barbara N. Angel
Ms. Janis C. Angell
Ms. Dorothy Angelone
Mr. and Mrs. Jean P. Antaya
Ms. Joan Anthony
Ms. Amelia D. Antinucci
Ms. Josephine G. Antinucci
Ms. Therese Antone
Mr. Jose Antonio
Ms. Jo-Ann Antonucci
Mrs. Mavis Archer
Ms. Mary Arden Tuel
Mr. Leo Areia
Mr. George H. Armitage
Ms. Jan D. Armor
Mrs. Margaret P. Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund G. Arnold
Ms. Lois Arnold
Mr. Hans Arntzen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Arpin
Mrs. Linda L. Arruda
Ms. Bonnie Arsenault
Mr. Gilbert E. Arundale
Mrs. Anna Asdoorian
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ashman, Sr.
Mr. John R. Aspinall
Mrs. D. V. Atwood
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Aubin
Ms. Florence Audette
Mr. Theodore J. August III
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Augustine
Mr. David A. Ault
Mr. Roger Austin
Mrs. Maria F. Aversa
Mr. and Mrs. Gareth M. Aylward
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo M. Azzinaro
Ms. Margery Babcock
Ms. Noreen M. Babine
Mrs. Alice C. Bacon
Mrs. Helen Bacon
Ms. Margaret Baggesen
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert P. Bailey
Ms. Lois Bailey
Ms. Amy E. Baillie
Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso E. Baker
Lizzie Baker
Mr. Vincent Balasco
Ms. Shirley A. Balentine
Ms. Doris C. Ball
Mr. Stanley R. Bamforth
Ms. Mona Banigan
Mr. Michael Barbaria
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Barilla
Mr. Walter T. Barlow
Ms. Lucia Barran
Ms. Elaine Barrett
Mrs. Louise A. Barrett
Mrs. Mary Barrett
Ms. Ruth C. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barrett
Ms. Christina F. Barrie
Ms. Patricia Barros-Viera
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence A. Barrow
Ms. Rose Barsamian
Mr. Charles Bart
Ms. Maria Bartkiewicz
Ms. Ester L. Bartolo
Ms. Phyllis M. Baton
Mrs. Alice S. Battersby
Ms. Eunice C. Bauer
Mrs. Tatiana G. Baur
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Baxter
Mrs. Valerie C. Baxter
Mrs. Joan Beal
G. Chandler Beals, Esq.
Mrs. Marion L. Beardwood
Ms. Anita R. Beattie
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Beattie
Ms. Oliva R. Beauchemin
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Beauchemin
Ms. Patricia A. Beaudin
Mr. Leo R. Beaumier
Mr. Edward A. Beaupre
Ms. Cecile Beauregard
Ms. Florence T. Beauregard
Mr. Leo C. Beauregard
Mr. and Mrs. James Beauvais
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beaven, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beech
Mrs. Gladys Begrie
Mrs. Norma Beland
Ms. Deborah Belanger
Mr. Henry Belanger
Mrs. Ellen E. Belconis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey O. Belden
Ms. Margaret Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Bellagamba
Ms. Violet Bellano
Ms. Victoria A. Belmont
Mrs. Donna Beltrami
Ms. Barbara E. Benavides
Mrs. Carol Benjamin
Mr. Raymond P. Benkosky
Ms. Linda M. Benson
Ms. Joycelyn J. Bentfield
Mr. and Mrs. Normand Berard
Mr. Jon S. Berberian
Mr. Hildegard J. Berchielli
Mrs. Donat Bergeron
Mr. Harold Bergersen
Mr. Albion A. Bergstrom Col, USA (Retired)
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bergstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Berke
Ms. Ruth Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Berner
Mr. and Mrs. John Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Berstein
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Beschi
Mr. Eugene Bester
Ms. Doris M. Bettez
Ms. Barbara B. Beuth
Mr. Robert J. Bevilacqua
Ms. Barbara H. Beye
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Bianca
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bieder
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Bielecki
Ms. Constance Biernacki
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Birbuet
Ms. Pat Bird
Mr. Walter Biros
Mrs. Jeanne Birt
Ms. Sophie B. Bis
Mr. and Mrs. George Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. George Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. William Blackford
Ms. Inez H. Blackler
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Blackmore
Blackstone Valley Voiture 1166
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Blackwood, Sr.
Mr. Richard Blanchard
Ms. Reita Blas
Mr. Vincent A. Blas
Ms. Charlotte R. Bliss
Ms. Lorraine Bliss
Ms. Barbara J. Block
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Bloomer
Ms. Irene M. Bloomer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Blouin
Mr. Rhoderick Blue
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Blythe
Mr. Joel E. Bodammer
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Boily
Ms. Mary Bois
Ms. Estelle V. Boisclair
Mrs. Marian Bolduc
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Bolger
Ms. Sharon G. Bolles
Ms. Sharon Bolles
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bolster
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Bolton
Mr. Harvey Bolton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Bonaccorsi
Ms. Pat Bonaguro
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Bonenfant
Mr. Louis Bonoyer
Ms. Alessandra C. Borges
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel J. Borges
Mrs. Annie H. Borrelli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Borrelli
Mr. Alfred Botelho
Mrs. Marion F. Bottomley
Ms. Patricia Bouchard
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Boucher
Mrs. Phyllis R. Boucher
Ms. Betty Boudreau
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Boulais
Ms. Rosa Bourgault
Ms. Germaine Bourgeois
Mrs. Diane S. Bourn
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bouvier
Dr. Robert Bowen
Mr. William H. Bowen, Jr.
Ms. Cristine Bowes
Mr. James D. Bowker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. James Boxser
Ms. Deborah Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon H. Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Brainard
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Branca
Ms. Kathleen T. Brannon
Ms. Carrie A. Brathas
Mr. David J. Brazil
Mr. Robert M. Breen
Mr. James E. Breenan
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Breggia
Ms. Amy Brennan
Ms. Mary W. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Brennan
Ms. Elsie B. Bresnahan
Ms. Monalisa Brewster
Miss Marguerite Bricault
Mr. and Mrs. Carlon F. Brietzke
Mrs. Edna H. Briggs
Ms. Wilma H. Briggs
Ms. Jeannette Bright
Capt. Albert H. Brindamour
Mr. William B. Brinson
Ms. Susan S. Brocato
Ms. Renee Brochester
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Brochu
Ms. Dorothy Brodeur
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Brodeur
Ms. Hilda Brodsky
Mr. Robert W. Brokaw
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Brookes
Mrs. Frances Broomhead
Mr. John Broskie
Mr. Charles Brower
Mrs. Ann C. Brown
Ms. Cecelia A. Brown
Ms. Celia Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Brown
Ms. Donna Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Brown
Mr. J. Whitney Brown
Win and Kathy Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Brown
Mr. Richard C. Brunelle
Ms. Norma A. Bruni
Mr. Robert Bruni
Mrs. Beverly B. Brunner
Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Brunner
Ms. Marie Brusci
Mr. Vincent A. Bruzzese
Mr. Fred Buben
Ms. Anna Bucci
Mr. Liberato Bucci
Ms. Geraldine Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Buckler
Mr. Robert Buco CPA
Mr. John Buczak
Ms. Ellen M. Buegling
Mr. David Buffum
Mrs. and Mr. Virginia l. Bulcao
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Buonaccorsi
L. M. Buonanno
Mrs. Mae M. Burdon
Ms. Charlotte G. Burgess
Mr. Edward Burke
Mr. John E. Burke
Mr. Edward A. Burnett
Ms. Angela S. Burns
Ms. Helen Burrill
Mr. and Mrs. Walter I. Burroughs
Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell W. Bush
Mrs. Lena M. Butera
Ms. Anne Butler
Ms. Catrina Butler
Mr. Peter N. Byer
Mr. David L. Byerlee
Mr. Larry Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Byrne
Mrs. Mary R. Byrnes
Mrs. Gerri Cabral
Ms. Maria V. Cabral
Mr. Stephan Cabral
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cabral
Mr. Arthur Caddick
Mrs. Rolande V. Cadoret
Mr. Pete M. Caforio
Ms. and Mr. Claire Cahill
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Caldamone
Ms. Madonna Caldarone
Ms. Nancy A. Caldarone
Mr. Guy F. Calise
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Callan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Calo
Mr. Benjamin Calouro
Mr. Robert J. Cameron
Mr. Americo Campanella
Mr. Kenneth Campbell
Ms. Lauretta Campbell
Mr. Philip G. Campbell
Mr. John Campo
Mr. and Mrs. James Canavan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Canestrari
Mr. Francesco Cannella
Mr. Stephen J. Canning
Mr. Michael S. Cannon
Mr. and Mrs. John Canole
Mr. Terence B. Cantrell
Mrs. Rosina Capaldi
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Capaldo
Ms. Margaret F. Capasso
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Capizzano
Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Capobianco
Mr. James T. Capp
Mr. Louis Cappuccio
Mr. Leon R. Caprielian
Ms. Rose Caprielian
Mrs. Elena N. Capuano
Mrs. Tina Capuano
Mr. Joseph A. Caracuzzo
Ms. Louise A. Carawan
Mr. Louis V. Carbone
Mr. Henry Cardella
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Cardillo
Ms. Filomena R. Cardillo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Cardillo
Miss Marie J. Cardillo
Mr. Rito Cardillo
Ms. Theresa F. Cardin
Ms. Anna Cardone
Mr. Thomas Cardosa
Mr. and Mrs. Russell J. Cardoza
Mr. Lloyd R. Carignan
Mr. Richard Carignan
Mr. Gerald Carlin
Mrs. Louise M. Carlin
Ms. Georgiana Carlson
Ms. Helen Carlson
Mr. Jeffrey R. Carlson
Ms. Mildred V. Carlson
Mr. Mario Carlucci
Carmella's Coiffures
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Carmody
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Caron
Ms. Nancy Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. John Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Normand E. Carrier
Ms. Deborah A. Carroll
Ms. Jane A. Carroll
Mr. John Caruthers
Ms. Sanadra Casacalenda
Mr. Louis G. Case
Mr. Bernard L. Casey
Ms. Debbie Casey
Mr. George W. Casey
Ms. Carmen Cassisi
Mrs. Sam Castanza
Ms. Agnes Castiglioni
Mr. Victor O. Castro
Casualty Consultants, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David Casucci
Mrs. Marion N. Cataldo
Ms. Joyce B. Cate
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Catelli, Jr.
Mrs. Helen V. Catlett
Capt. Robert F. Caul
Ms. Yvonne Causey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cavallaro
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Cavanagh
Mr. Edward Cavanaugh
Ms. Helen B. Cellemme
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Celona, Jr.
Ms. Eugenia Celone
Mr. V. Cerbo
Mr. Juan M. Cerda
Ms. Lori L. Cesario
Ms. Cindy Chadwick
Ms. Elsie M. Chadwick
Mr. James Chadwick
Ms. Ruth D. Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Archie W. Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Chung Chan
Ms. Lucy Chapman
Mr. Roderick W. Chappell
Ms. Amy L. Charette
Ms. Kathy Charette
Mr. Ralph E. Charnley
Mr. Leo Charpentier
Mr. Napoleon J. Charpentier
Ms. Lori A. Chaves
Ms. Mary S. Cheever
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Chelo
Mr. Horace Chettle
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Chiaradio
Mr. Lawrence E. Chick
Ms. Julie Childers
Ms. Cecilia S. Chin
Mr. and Mrs. Lem B. Chin
Ms. Soo Chin
Mr. Tony Y. Chin
Mr. Vincent J. Chisholm
Mr. Bruce Chorney
Ms. Pamela J. Christman
Ms. Maureen Chronley
Mrs. Charlotte F. Church
Ms. Emma Cicchitelli
Mr. Michael J. Cicerelli
Robert J. and Marie Cicione
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Cihat
Ms. Angela Cinelli
Mr. Edward Cintron
Mr. Glenn Cipalone
Ms. Catherine Cipolla
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Cipriano
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Clark
Ms. Evelyn Clark
Mr. William S. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. William Clark
Ms. Edna H. Clarke
Ms. Joan M. Clarke
Ms. Lucy Clayton
Ms. Ona Cleall
Mr. Maurice Cleary
Mrs. Elisabeth B. Clem
Mrs. Isabel Z. Clement
Mr. Robert G. Clerc
Ms. Sophie N. Clermont
Mr. Craig Close
Mr. James E. Coady
Mr. and Mrs. Russell D. Coady
Mr. William J. Cochrane, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Prentice E. Cockrell
Ms. Alcida Codeiro
Mr. Emanuel Coder
Ms. Mary C. Codola
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E. Coe
Mr. Frances Coelho
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cogan
Ms. Lisa Cohane
Ms. Elizabeth Cohen
Ms. Estelle Cohen
Mrs. Rosella B. Cohen
Mr. Sydney P. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Remo Colalella
Mr. Robert T. Cole
Mr. Michael J. Coletti
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Colgan
Ms. Corinne Colley
Ms. Anna Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Collins
Dr. and Mr. Patrick H. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Colvin
Ms. Dorothy Comery
Mrs. Phyllis M. Comforti
Mr. Joseph Comolli
Ms. Lillian M. Conca
Ms. Donna K. Condon
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Congdon
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer S. Congdon
Ms. Nancy Conlin
Ms. Dorothy Conlon
Ms. Dorothy Conlon
Mr. and Mrs. James Connery, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy M. Connolly
Mr. Edward T. Connolly
Ms. Jeanette E. Connolly
Ms. Susan H. Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Connors
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Constantino
Mr. Angelo J. Contarino
Ms. Annette Contre
Mrs. Lorna Conway
Ms. Cheryl A. Cook
Mr. David Cook
Mr. Richard D. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Corbley
Ms. Alcida Cordeiro
Mrs. Barbara C. Cormier
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Cormier
Mr. and Mrs. Grant H. Cornwell
Mrs. Arleen M. Correia
Mr. Karl Correia
Mrs. Dorothy J. Correra
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Corsetti
Ms. Ethel Cort
Dr. William F. Coscina
Ms. Debra A. Cost
Mr. and Mrs. Eduardo M. Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Costa
Ms. Elizabeth M. Costellow
Ms. Lynne M. Costigan
Mr. Andre E. Cote
Ms. Jane Cotnoir
Mr. and Mrs. Vito Cotoia
Ms. Nancy L. Cotroneo
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cotter
Mr. William F. Coughlin
Mrs. Helen M. Cournoyer
Miss Julia Court
Ms. Elizabeth A. Courtney
Ms. Edythe M. Cousin
Mrs. Nancy Coustin
Mrs. Louise M. Coutu
Mr. Peter F. Coutu
Ms. Audrey E. Couture
Coventry Memorial Post VFW 9404
Ms. Katherine Cowett
Ms. Marie Cox
Mrs. Mary S. Cox
Ms. Monica A. Cox
Miss Ethel B. Coyle
Mr. and Mrs. John Crabtree, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crafford
Mr. and Mrs. Horace H. Craig
Mr. Malcome L. Craig
Ms. Myrtle L. Craig
Lt. and Mrs. John D. Crawford, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Crawford, Jr.
Mrs. Olive A. Creasey
Mr. Joseph L. Crehan
Mr. Lee G. Cresser
Mr. Robert G. Cribari
Ms. Rose Crisafulli
Mr. Ernest L. Crivellone
Mr. Anthony Croce
Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Crocker
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cronin
Ms. Kathleen Cronin
Mr. Thomas P. Cronin
Ms. Jerry Crosby
Mrs. Mary C. Crosby
Mr. Armand J. Croteau
Ms. Inez P. Crowley
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Crowley
Mr. William M. Crowther
Mrs. Marie A. Crugnale
Mr. Edward R. Cummings
Mr. Edward K. Cunard
Mrs. Monika Curnett
Mrs. Marie Currier
Mr. and Mrs. Margery S. Curry
Mrs. Edna F. Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. George Curtis
Ms. Dorothy W. Cusack
Ms. Linda Cusati
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan L. Cushing
Ms. Margurite Cuzzone
Mr. and Mrs. John A. D' Abrosca
Mr. and Mrs. John M. D' Agnillo
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. D' Ambrosca
Mr. James M. D' Ambrosia
Mr. and Mrs. James A. D' Amico
Mr. Alfredo T. D'Acosta
Ms. Filomena D'Aguanno
Ms. Kim D'Andrea
Mrs. Rose E. D'Andrea
Mr. and Mrs. Armando D'Iorio
Ms. Pauline A. D'Urso
Mrs. Annmarie Da Graca
Mr. Norman Dakake
Ms. Hortense Dalpe
Ms. Patricia R. Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Armando Damiani
Ms. Jana Damm
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Daniels
Ms. Eleonor P. Danielson
Mr. Eugene Danielson
Ms. Stella Daquila
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Darby
Miss Maria Dasdagulian
Mrs. Margaret V. DaSilva
E. Daven
Ms. Ellen Davey
Mrs. Nancy M. Davin
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Davis
Ms. Mone Davong
Ms. Laura G. Dawley
Mr. Edward W. Day III
Ms. Susanne Day
Mrs. Dorothy De Angelis
Ms. Maria A. De Angelis
Mr. and Mrs. Carmino De Biasio
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. De Cecco
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco A. De Como
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. De Coste
Ms. Mary N. De Cubellis
Ms. Stella De Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Michael De Marco
Ms. Mary De Simone
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. De Verna, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Deangelis
Ms. Deborah Deas
Mrs. Elizabeth Deason
Mr. Ralph Deciantis
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Deery
Ms. Adeline DeFusco
Ms. Julie DeFusco
Mrs. Flora Degnan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Degnan
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Degnan
Mr. Armand L. Degroff
Ms. Gretchen E. Deichert
Mr. and Mrs. Silvio Del Bonis
Mr. Dennis J. Del Donno
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Del Grande
Mrs. Helen Del Grande
Mrs. Carol E. Delack
Mrs. Ida Delbonis
Ms. Marie Delbonis
Ms. Lorraine Delisle
Ms. Linda Della Grotta
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Dellagrotta
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Dellava
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Delmonico
Ms. Catherine Delpozzo
Mr. and Mrs. John Delprete
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Delsignore
Ms. Rita M. Deluattro
Mr. Daniel Demeo
Mr. Armand H. Demers
Mr. Kevin Demers
Ms. Debra Demeulenaere
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Denham
Ms. Sylvia Denhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. DeNicola
Ms. Rita Denomme
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DePalma
Mr. and Mrs. John Depetro
Ms. Sylvia J. Depopolo
Ms. Betsey DePringo
Mr. Michael A. Derham
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Derosier, Sr.
Mrs. M. F. DeSalvo
Mr. John M. DeSantis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Deschamps
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Desisto
Mr. Paul J. Desjarlais
Ms. Theresa B. Deslauriers
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Desmarais
Mr. and Mrs. Gaston Desmarais
Mr. Lucien J. Desmarais
Ms. Dolores Desroches
Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Desrosiers, Jr.
Ms. Barbara Devoe
Ms. Miriam W. Deware
Ms. Susie L. Di Biasio
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Di Carlo
Mr. P. J. Di Filippo
Ms. Rita A. Di Libero
Ms. Antonetta T. Di Marco
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Di Petrillo
Mr. andrew Di Salvo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Di Segna
Mr. Sebastian Dias, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald DiBattista
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DiBenedetto
Mr. Guy N. DiBiasio
Ms. Donna L. Dickerman
Ms. Avis P. Dickerson
Mr. Donald Dicristoforo
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DiFazio
Mr. Nicholas D. DiFrancesco
Mrs. Janice B. DiFranco
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Digioia
Mr. Anthony DiLauro
Mr. Anthony Dilorio
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dilullo
Mr. Nascenzio G. DiMichele
Mr. and Mrs. Armand Dinapoli
Mr. Steven Dinerman
Mrs. Lynn M. Dion-Gerard
Ms. Judith A. Dipasquale
Mrs. Flora DiPrete
Mrs. Florence Diresto
Ms. Flora M. Dirosario
Ms. Adeline M. DiRucco
Ms. Lillian V. Ditson
Mrs. & Mr. Patricia and Stanley Dixon
Mr. Stephen Dizio, M.D.
Mr. Perley E. Doak
Ms. Katherine L. Dodakian
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Domenico
Mr. and Mrs. George Donahue
Mr. James M. Donnelly
Mrs. Marjorie Donnelly
Ms. Beatrice M. Donovan
Mrs. Paulette A. Donovan
Ms. Margaret E. Dooley
Mr. Anthony Dorn
Ms. Claire Doucette
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Doucette
Ms. Margaret C. Downes
Ms. Patrica A. Downing
Ms. Irene R. Drainville
Ms. Pamela Drainville
Ms. Pamela Drainville
Dr. Meredith E. Drench
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Drew, Jr.
Mrs. Elda A. Driscoll
Mrs. Josephine R. Duarte
Ms. Barbara L. Duback
Mr. Lucien E. Dube
Mrs. Lucille G. Dubois
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dubois
Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Duclos
Ms. Christine Dudley
Mr. Stephen A. Dufault
Ms. Angeline Duffy
Mrs. Celia A. Duffy
Ms. Estelle C. Duffy
Mr. John Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Dufresne
Ms. Irene R. Duhaine
Mrs. Beatrice Dulgarian
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Dulude
Ms. Claudia E. Dunn
Ms. Anne M. Duphily
Ms. Esther Dupre
Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Dupuis
Mr. Esma Durand
Ms. C. Meryl Durante
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne K. Durfee
Mrs. Albertina M. Dutra
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Dwyer
Mr. Francis Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Dykeman
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Dymsza
Mrs. Marcia Dyne
Mr. Albert Dziedzic, Sr.
Ms. Virginia C. Eagan
Ms. Kathleen Earley
Ms. Shirley Eastham
Mrs. Jessica C. Easton
Eastside Marketplace
Mr. and Mrs. Eleanor T. Eastwood
EBO Hauling
Ms. Marilyn J. Eddy
Ms. Nellie Eddy
Ms. Beatrice L. Edmond
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Einsiedler
Ms. Cindy Elder
Mrs. Helen Elder
Ms. Patricia M. Elmer
Mr. Eric Emerson
Emily Wise Westcott Trust UAD
Ms. Robin L. Emin
Ms. Irene Emma
Ms. Catherine S. Enchelmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Jessie R. Englund
Miss Mary Engustian
Mr. Archille H. Eno
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Enos
Mr. Aram G. Eramian
Mr. Craig Eranosian
Mr. Robert Erdon
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Erickson
Ms. Bette C. Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Ericson
Mr. Ali Eslami
Ms. Regina Espinosa
Mr. and Mrs. William Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ethier
Mr. Daniel J. Evangelista
Mrs. Dorothy L. Everett
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Factor
Ms. Ruth Fadden
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fahey
Ms. Rhea Falardeau
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Falb
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Falby
Mr. James W. Falciglia
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Falk
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Fallon
Family of Burriville Extended Care
Ms. Cindy S. Faria
Mrs. Emilia Faria
Mr. Raymond Faria
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Farley
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Farrar
Ms. Gertrude M. Farrell
Mr. Robert A. Fascitelli
Mr. and Mrs. Emil F. Faubert
Mr. Christopher Fee
Ms. Christine J. Feeley
Ms. Claire E. Feeley
Ms. Kathleen A. Feeney
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Feldman
Ms. Laura Feldman
Mr. Philip Feldman
Ms. Jeanne W. Fellman
Sister Catherine Felton
Mr. Herbert J. Felton
Mr. George Fenley
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fennessy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fenster
Ms. Maria M. Fera
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Ferguson
Ms. Mary Fernandes
Mrs. Margaret Fernsler
Mrs. Muriel Ferra
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ferranti
Mr. Frank Ferranti
Ms. Ann Ferrara
Mr. Jose Ferreira
Mr. and Mrs. Leonel Ferreira
Ms. Jeanne Ferretti
Ms. Ida Ferrigno
Mr. Derek P. Ferris
Mr. Fred D. Ferris
Mrs. Ray Ferris
Ms. Deborah Ferro
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Ferruolo
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Ferry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Fetherston
Ms. Mary A. Feuti
Mr. Bruce Figureid
Mr. Chester A. Files, Jr.
Ms. Ann M. Fillion
Mr. Gary B. Filmore
Mrs. Ann Fine
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Fingeret
Mr. Douglas A. Fingerman
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Finn
Ms. Patricia Finn
LCDR Sarah A. Finnigan
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Fior
Mr. Archie R. Firby
Mr. Joseph E. Fish
Ms. Grace W. Fisher
Ms. Robin Fisher
Ms. Sue H. Fisher
Mrs. Zelda G. Fisher
Mr. Joseph Fiske
Ms. Denise M. Fitzpatrick
Ms. Esther Fiyod
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Flanagan
Mrs. Ruth Flanagan
Fleet Bank
Ms. Katherine Fletcher
Mrs. Jane L. Flory
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Flynn, Jr.
Ms. Judith Flynn
Mrs. Virginia C. Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Foehr
Mr. Louis T. Folcarelli
Mr. Michael F. Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Foley
Ms. Dorothy Fonseca
Mr. Walter J. Fontaine
Ms. Mary R. Ford
Mrs. Rosanna Ford
Ms. Charlotte A. Forrer
Dr. and Mr. James A. Forster
Mr. Joseph Fortin
Mrs. Cynthia Foster
Ms. Irene P. Foster
Mrs. Janice Foster
Mr. Richard K. Foster, Esq.
Mr. Ray Fougere
Sister Mary Francelle Dame
Mr. Clifford Frances
Mr. Edward Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Franco
Mr. Henry Franczak
Ms. Karen Franko
Ms. Gail W. Fraser
Dr. Stephen I. Frater
Ms. Janet Fraval
Mrs. Sandra Frazee
Mr. George Frazier
Ms. Phyllis H. Freedman
Mrs. Sylvia Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Freitas
Mr. and Mrs. Dana C. French
Ms. Sarah Frerichs
Mr. Armand J. Froment
Ms. Ruth Froment
Ms. Jacqueline J. Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fruggiero
Ms. Barbara M. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin V. Furriel
Mr. James V. Fusco
Mrs. Lauren Gabrilowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Gaddes
Ms. Jacquelin M. Gadoury
Ms. Camille Gagnon
Mr. Roger B. Gagnon
Ms. Rosalie R. Gagnon
Ms. Theresa M. Gagnon
Mr. Haralabos Gakidis
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Galbraith
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Gall
Ms. Lillian A. Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Gamache
Ms. Simone D. Gamache
Ms. Josephine R. Gamba
Mr. Richard Gammel
Ms. Molly Garber
Mr. Henry G. Garceau
Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Garceau
Ms. Charlotte Gardiner
Ms. Verna Gardiner
Mrs. Anne Garfinkel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Garfinkel
Mrs. Jacquline Gargaro
Mr. Allan W. Garnett
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Garofano
Ms. Florence M. Garrido
Ms. Mary Garzoli
Mrs. Carol Gast
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Gatchell
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Gatta
Ms. Catherine Gatto
Ms. Susan Gaucher
Ms. Marie Gaumond
Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Gauthier
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gauthier
Ms. Ann E. Gaylor
Mr. Joseph Geary
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Gedris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Geezil
Ms. Julienne M. Gelinas
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolphe W. Gelinas
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gemma
Mr. William M. Gempp
Ms. Esther Gendolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. George
Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius F. Gerencser
Mr. Edmund Gerhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic L. Germani
Mrs. Mary P. Gershkoff
Ms. Sherlee S. Gershman
Mr. and Mrs. Joel K. Gerstenblatt
Mr. Wilfred Gerstenblatt
Mr. and Mrs. William Gerstenblatt
Mrs. Karen C. Gervais-Duzant
Mr. Dante Giammarco
Mr. Henry Giammarco
Mr. Alfred Giannini
Ms. Angela Giarrusso
Mrs. June J. Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Alvah R. Gibeault
Mr. Teddy Gibola
Ms. Kathleen A. Giebler
Ms. Celine T. Giglio
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvio Giguere
Ms. Cheryl H. Gilbert
Mr. Ray Gilchrest
Ms. Alice G. Gill
Mr. Frederick E. Gillett
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gillooly
Mr. Benjamin Gilstein
Ms. Pauline H. Gingras
Ms. Edith Giolitti
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Giramma
Girl Scouts of Rhode Island
Ms. Catherine Gity
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gladding
Mrs. Evangeline S. Glass
Ms. Ruth B. Glucksman
Mrs. Marian E. Godfray
Mr. Joe Godino
Mr. John J. Godwin
Ms. Sandra Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Goldberg
Mrs. Lenore Goldblatt
Ms. Gloria Golden
Ms. Rosemarie Golden
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Golditch
Mr. and Mrs. David Goldstein
Ms. Marian B. Goldstein
Mr. Anthony K. Gomes
Ms. Maria Gonsalves
Mrs. Virgen Gonzalez-Major
Mr. Paul A. Gonzenbach
Mr. and Mrs. William Goodhue
Ms. Elizabeth Gordon
Ms. Geraldine R. Gordon
Ms. Stella Gordon
Mr. John Gorman
Ms. Agnes G. Gormly
Mrs. Kenneth Gottschalk
Ms. Gloria Goulet
Mrs. Irma F. Gourd
Mr. Manuel Gouveia
Ms. Libra Goyer
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Gradilone
Ms. Gloria Grady
Mr. Leonard Granoff
Mrs. Geraldine J. Gravina
Ms. Agnes M. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Gray, Jr.
Ms. Beverly N. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Green
Mr. and Ms. Peter B. Green
Mrs. Elizabeth Green
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Hervey E. Green
Ms. Linda T. Green
Mrs. Frances R. Greene
Mr. Robert L. Greenleaf
Mrs. Paula S. Greenwood
Ms. Sandra R. Greenwood
Mr. William Grenga
Mr. Frederick R. Griffiths
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grilo, Sr.
Ms. Maria G. Grilo
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Grist
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. Marion T. Grourke
Ms. Elizabeth G. Grue
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Grundy
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Grzebien
Mr. Nicholas Gualtieri
Ms. Maria Guarisma
Mr. and Ms. Jeffrey M. Guckin
Guff Music Co
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Guglietti
Ms. Margarita Guilbee
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Guilfoyle
Mrs. Carol Guimond
Mr. Bertrand Guindon
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Gunaratne
Mrs. Jean M. Gunning
Ms. Joyce Gurney
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Habel
Mr. and Mrs. William Hagan
Mr. James A. Hagerty
Mr. and Mrs. John Haidemenos Jr.
Mr. Bernard V. Hall
Ms. Claire E. Hall
Ms. Esther L. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Hall
Ms. Laurie M. Hall
Mr. Louise Hall
Ms. Catherine M. Halloran
Ms. Elizabeth Hamilton
Mr. Donald Hammond
Ms. Evelyn Hammond
Ms. Doris R. Hanaford
Mrs. Theresa J. Hanley
Ms. Beverly Hansen
Mr. Bruce R. Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Hanson
Ms. Karen Hanson
Ms. Marsha S. Hanson
Ms. Sandra L. Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Azriel Harari
Ms. Carolyn Hardie
Ms. Ruth Harel
Mr. and Mrs. Vartkes Harootunian
Ms. Vasken Harootunian
Mr. Daniel Harp
Mrs. Victoria P. Harper
Mrs. Catharine A. Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Harris
Mr. David C. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar P. Harris
Ms. B. J. Harrold
Mr. Donald Harrop
Ms. Jamie M. Harrower
Mr. Gregory E. Hart
Mr. Jack hartman
Ms. Mary Hartman
Ms. Marjorie R. Hartnett
Ms. Ann L. Harwood
Mrs. Martina G. Haslam
Ms. Mary Hassett
Mrs. Andre E. Hattoy
Mrs. Mildred R. Hauck
Ms. Mary Haveck
Mrs. Doris B. Hawk
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawkins
Ms. Dorothy S. Hawkins
Ms. Kathryn Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Hazard
Mrs. Marian E. Hazard, Trustee
Ms. Muriel C. Hazebrouck
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Healey
Ms. Jane E. Healey
Ms. Bethany Heaney
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Heaton
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Hedman
Ms. Margret Heineman
Ms. Alice D. Heins
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Heins, Sr.
Ms. Elaine J. Heiss
Ms. Mary L. Hempel
Ms. Izabella Hencler
Ms. Evelyn F. Hendel
Mr. John Hengrasmy
Mr. John P. Henneberry
Ms. Dorothy Henrie
Bushnell Pearse Henry
Ms. Elizabeth Henshall
Mr. Robert W. Herard
Mrs. Rosalind F. Herman
Ms. Irma Hernandez
Mrs. Elizabeth Heroux
Ms. Therese L. Heroux
Mr. Brian S. Herscheopf
Mrs. Muriel Hibbert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Hickey
Ms. Teresa Hicks
Ms. Anna L. Higginbotham
Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Hill
Mrs. Mary C. Hill
Mr. Dennis C. Hilliard
Mr. Joseph P. Hindle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hindle
Ms. Marguerite L. Hinkel
Mr. and Mrs. James Hinman
Mr. Daniel S. Hinrichs
Mr. Philip B. Hippert
Ms. Dorothy R. Hirsch
Ms. Leona Hitchen
Mr. Nicholas Hladyk, Jr.
Ms. Marys B. Hoagland
Ms. Diana L. Hobden
Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Hoffman
Mrs. Herta Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Leopold F. Hofinger
Ms. Deborah C. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Holley
Ms. Betty L. Holloway
Ms. Pearl K. Holloway
Ms. Irene B. Holmes
Ms. Helen E. Holske
Ms. Elsa D. Hopkins
Mr. Joseph A. Hopkins
Horizon Pest Control Services Co
Saut Horn
Ms. Marcia D. Horrocks
Mrs. Carol F. Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert J. Horton
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hosey
Ms. Sharon Hostetler
Mr. J. A. Houle, Jr.
Mrs. Madeleine C. Houle
Ms. Geraldine E. Howard
Ms. Janice S. Howard
Ms. and Mr. Joann Howard
Mr. Kenneth Howard
Ms. Ruth Howard
Mr. Gordon L. Howe
Mrs. Dorothy S. Howell
Ms. Kathleen L. Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Huey
Ms. Lorraine T. Huffman
Mr. Thomas Humphrey
Ms. Caroline Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Hunter
Mr. Frank D. Hurdis
Mr. Paul F. Hurley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hurley
Mrs. Elizabeth Hussey
Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Hutchings
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Hutchinson
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Hutchinson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Iacono
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Iacovacci
Ms. Barbara R. Iacovone
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Iannetta
Mrs. Doris M. Iannitelli
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Iannitelli
Mrs. Frances V. Iannuccilli
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Iannuccilli
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Iasimone
Mr. Ferinand C. Ihenacho
Mr. and Mrs. Francis N. Imbruglia
Mr. Bruce R. Ingham
Ms. Molly A. Iodice
Mr. Raymond Irwin
Mr. Leon Isabelle
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Isenberg
Ms. Harriet Israel
J Barrett Reports, Inc
Ms. Catherine E. Jablonski
Mr. Charles M. Jackman
Dr. and Mrs. Ivor M. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jackson
Ms. Ursula K. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Jacobs
Ms. Mary J. Jacobs
Ms. Mary F. James
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Jamro
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Janas
Mr. James A. Jankowski
Mr. Alfred Januskiewiczy, Jr.
Ms. Lillian A. Jarem
Ms. Doris Jarest
Ms. Jeannette A. Jarret
Mr. Robert F. Jarvis
Ms. Karen L. Jasinowski
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Jason
Mrs. Gladys D. Jaworski
Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Jehan
Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh M. Jenkins, Sr.
Ms. Anne Jenkins Gass
Mr. Malcolm Jenne
Ms. Dorothy Jennings
Charles and Georgette Jestings
Mrs. Georgette B. Jestings, Jr.
Jo Ann's Music Center
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Johnson
Ms. Anna F. Johnson
Ms. Gail A. Johnson
Mr. George W. Johnson
Mr. Gordon C. Johnson
Mrs. Helen L. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Johnson
Mr. Lewis Johnson
Mrs. Lynn P. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Johnson
Mr. Richard Johnson
Mr. Robert F. Johnson
Ms. Ruth M. Johnston
Ms. Catherine Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jones
Mrs. Nelia C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones
Mrs. Virginia R. Jones
Mrs. Hyung J. Joo
Mr. Charles J. Jordan
Ms. Eleanor Jorjorian
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Joseph
Mr. Francis Josephson
Ms. Sarah Josephson
Mr. Marc R. Joubert
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Joubert
Ms. Katherine M. Juaire
Ms. Claire A. Juliano
Ms. Florence H. Juneau
Mr. and Mrs. Don Jurkowitz
Mrs. Genevieve Kaczynski
Ms. Rita E. Kalafarski
Ms. Patricia Kaloustian
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kaminski
Mr. Richard Kammerer TTEE
Mrs. Ella A. Kampper
Mr. Albert Kandarian, Jr.
Mr. Albert Kandarian Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kane
Ms. Margaret E. Kane
Ms. Raffaela Kane
Mr. Robert P. Kapitulik
Ms. Janice Kaplan-St. Ours
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Kapstein
Mr. Robert W. Karewa
Ms. Sharon M. Karlin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Karon
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Katz
Mr. Benjamin Kaufman
Ms. Judith A. Kavanaugh
Ms. M T. Kavanaugh
Mrs. Liliana E. Kay
Mr. George Keckler
Ms. Kathleen Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keeley
Ms. Shelisa J. Keenan
Mr. John S. Kelchner, D.M.D.
Mrs. Janice G. Keller
Ms. Elizabeth M. Kelley
Mrs. Edna Kelliher
Mrs. Francis H. Kelly
Mrs. Helen E. Kelly
Ms. Mary E. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kenahan
Ms. Carolyn Kendrow
Ms. Esther Kenna
Mrs. Doris Kenney
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Kenney
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Kernan
Ms. Dorothy A. Kerns
Mr. Irving Kessler
Ms. Cindy Ketchel
Mrs. Rosemary Khosrovani
Mr. John Kibarian
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kilkenny
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Killam
Ms. Anna L. Killavey
Mr. and Mrs. James Kimball
Ms. Dorothy J. Kimmett
Ms. April R. Kinder
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. King
Mrs. and Mr. June B. King
Mr. Leonard G. King, Jr.
Ms. Mary F. King
Miss Maureen King
Mr. and Mrs. David Kirchner
Ms. Olive M. Kirkey
Mrs. Louise G. Kirkman
Mr. Robert P. Kirwin
Mr. and Mrs. Julius W. Kling
Ms. Eleonore F. Klumbis
Mr. and Mrs. Albert T. Klyberg
Mr. Donald Knapman
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Knapp
Mrs. Viola E. Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Knight
Ms. Edna R. Knight
Knights Of Columbus #21
Mr. Keith Knott
Ms. Dorothy O. Knowles
Mr. Elmer Knowles
Ms. Irene E. Knowles
Mr. Ronald Kobayashi
Mr. Richard V. Koch
Mrs. Alice Kojoian
Ms. Karen A. Kolodziej
Mr. Stanley J. Komiega
Reverend Petros Kopsahilis
Mr. and Mrs. Chester P. Kosak
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kosterlitz
Ms. Edna Kostyla
Mr. and Mrs. Dominik Kotlow
Ms. Jane Koziol
Mr. Peter Kozlowski
Mrs. Theresa M. Krajewski
Mrs. Sylvia C. Krausse
Ms. Elizabeth L. Kroll
Ms. Selma Kroll
Ms. Ella H. Krzak
Miss Caroline A. Kulig
Mrs. Clarissa B. Kulman
Miss Bernadette Kurowski
Ms. Barbara Kurz
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Kusnarowis
Mrs. Alice M. Kutniewski
Mr. Joseph N. Kuzew
Ms. Naomi Kuzoian
Mr. Roland J. La France
Ms. Michelle E. La Mountain
Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. La Perche
Ms. Constance R. La Pierre
Mrs. Viola Labelle
Mr. Robert Lacey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Lachance
Mr. & Mrs. Normand and Celeste LaChapelle
Ms. Rhea LaChapelle

Ms. Linda A. LaCroix
Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet
Ms. Rita Laferriere
Mr. and Mrs. John Laffey
Ms. Gertrude P. Laflamme
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Laflin, Jr.
Mr. Raymond LaFrance
Mr. Peter H. Lafreniere
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Lagarto, Jr.
Ms. M. Elaine Lagergren
Mrs. Constance Lague
Mr. Majid Lahijani
Ms. Nan L. Laird
Mr. William V. Lalli
Ms. Shirley L. Lamb
Ms. Isabel Lambert
Ms. Yolande Lambert
Ms. Wendy Lamon-Woolbright
Mr. Alfred L. Lamoureux, Sr.
Mrs. Eileen Lamoureux
Mrs. Mary Lamoureux
Mrs. Gertrude B. Lamphere
Miss Ida Lancelotta
Mrs. Cecile Landry
Ms. Doris E. Landry
Ms. Nancy J. Landry
Mr. Paul Landry
Mr. David Lang
Mr. Justin J. Lang Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lang
Mr. William Langevin
Ms. Mary C. Langhorn
Mr. J. L. Langlois
Mr. Vincent Lanni
Ms. Michelina Lanzi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lapointe
Ms. Janet Laporte
Ms. Donna D. Laramee
Mr. Thomas J. Lardner
Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Y. Lareau
Ms. Claire Lareau
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Larivee
Mr. Edward F. LaRiviere
Ms. Mary A. Laroche
Ms. Doris B. LaRocque
Mrs. Paula A. Larocque
Mrs. Lillian LaRose
Mr. Glenn R. Larrabee
Mr. Arthur Latham, Jr.
Mrs. Frances W. Lathrop
Mrs. Bertha Lauble
Mrs. Patricia Lauffer
Ms. Jennifer L. Laurelli
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Laurie
Mr. Frank D. Laurito
Ms. Ethel E. Lavallee
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lavallee
Ms. Helen Lavallee
Ms. Randi Lavik
Mr. John F. Law
Ms. Frances Lawrence
Mr. Jonathan Lax
Mr. and Mrs. John M. LaZazzera
Ms. Christine Le Duc
Mrs. Laurette Le Fort
Mr. and Mrs. Alden Leach
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Leach, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Leary, Jr.
Mr. Louis R. Leblanc
Ms. Charlene LeBrun
Mr. Stephen Ledo
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Ledoux
Ms. Cecile Ledoux
Ms. Angela Lee
Ms. Martha D. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lee
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Leeman Sr.
Mr. Leonard LeFebvre
Mr. Lucien Lefebvre
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lefort
Ms. Joan Leftin
Mr. and Mrs. Laval E. Legare
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Leggat
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Lema
Ms. Elenor R. Lemaire
Mr. Richard Lemay
Ms. Karen Lemke
Ms. Maria C. Lemois
Ms. Alzira C. Lemos
Ms. Kathleen Lenihan
Mrs. Eugina A. Lenkewicz
Ms. Jean A. Leonard
Mrs. Judith Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Leone
Mr. Raymond A. Lepine
Mr. Robert Lepper, Jr.
Ms. Dolores T. Lepry
Mrs. Claire Lesieur
Mr. Leonard H. Lesko
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Lesniak
Mr. Robert J. Letteri
Mrs. Elizabeth Leudvay
Ms. Barbara Levesque
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Levesque
Prof. Howard S. Levie
Mr. Melvin N. Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Levine
Ms. Marion Levy
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lewis
David A. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Lewis
Mr. John L. Lewis
M. E. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Leyden
Ms. Aime Lezberg
Ms. Aime Lezberg
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Liard
Mr. Abraham Lichaa
Ms. Shirley R. Lichtman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Liguori
Mr. James A. Lilley
Mrs. Bella E. Lima
Mr. and Mrs. Everett J. Lima
Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Lincoln
Mr. Edmund J. Lincourt
Ms. Louise Lind
Mrs. Virginia Lindstrom
Mr. Lewis Lipsitt
Ms. Angela Lisa
Ms. Michele Lischio
Mr. Joseph T. Lisi
Ms. Louise Lisi
Ms. Nancy E. Listenfelt
Ms. Vivian Lizotte
Mrs. Nellie Lobello
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Lockhart
Ms. Irene F. Loens
Mr. Joseph Lombardi
Mr. Ezio Longiaru
Ms. Barbara J. Lopes
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro J. Lopez
Mr. Pedro Lopez
Mrs. Anita G. LoPresti
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lord, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lorimer
Mr. and Mrs. Georges A. Loup
Mr. James G. Love
Ms. Jeannine Love
Mr. James Lovegreen
Mr. and Mrs. Neal S. Loven
Ms. Jeannine M. Lowe
Ms. Catherine J. Lowes-Nelson
Mrs. Patricia Lund
Ms. Helen Lundberg
Mrs. Helen C. Lusi
Mrs. Irene C. Lusignan
Ms. Cindy Luther
Mr. George Lutka
Ms. Carol M. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Lynch, Sr.
Mr. Thomas J. Lynch
Mr. Bradford W. Lyon
Ms. Eleanor F. Lyons
Mr. William Mac Carone
Mr. Joseph T. Mac Tavish
Mr. and Mrs. James MacAulay
Peter and E Macaulay
Ms. Jean C. Maccorison
Ms. Dorothy C. MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Robert MacDonald
Mr. Robert D. MacDonald
Mr. Rui Macedo
Dr. Franics Machata, MD
Ms. Dorothy Maciel
Mrs. Mary C. Macioci
Ms. Beverly T. Mack
Mr. and Mrs. James MacKenzie
Mr. Warren MacKenzie
Ms. Nicole Mackin
Mr. and Mrs. John W. MacOmber
Ms. Louise Madancy
Mr. Armand Maddalena
Ms. Elizabeth T. Madden
Mrs. Beverly Maggiacomo
Mr. David J. Magiera
Mr. L. Harland Magrath
Mr. Averill M. Maher
Ms. Isolde Maher
Mr. James H. Maher
Mr. Charles T. Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Main, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Mainelli
Ms. Anne F. Maisano
Mr. and Mrs. James Maisano
Mr. Francis J. Maitland
Mrs. Jean Malafronte
Mr. Luigi Malafronte
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. Malikowski
Ms. Susan A. Malloy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mally
Mr. Ronald J. Malo
Mr. Robert L. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Maloney, Jr.
Mr. William F. Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mambro
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Mancieri
Ms. Amelia Mancini
Ms. Candace Mandell
Ms. Mary T. Manfred
Ms. Mavis A. Mangasarian
Ms. Carol A. Manning
Ms. Esther P. Manning
Mr. and Mrs. William Manning
Mr. Charles Mansolillo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Manson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Marak
Mr. and Mrs. Dante G. Marchetti
Ms. Pamela A. Marchetti
Ms. Blanche P. Marois
Mr. James D. Marsden
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Marsh
Ms. Nena R. Marshall
Ms. Constance Marsocci
Ms. Camilla Martin
Captain James W. Martin, USN-RET
Mr. John P. Martin
Ms. Marcella Martin
Ms. Marianne C. Martin
Ms. Marie Martin
Ms. Virginia Martin
Ms. Mitzi Martinelli
Mr. Alex C. Martinez
Ms. Carin J. Martinez
Mr. Eric Martinez
Mr. Imar I. Martinez
Mr. Juan Martinez
Mr. James Martino
Mr. & Mrs. A. Martins
Mrs. Edward C. Martins
Mr. Frank Martorelli
Ms. Claire L. Martucci
Ms. Pauline A. Maruska
Mr. Vincent Marzilli
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Masiello
Mr. David H. Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Masse
Ms. M. Dorothy Massey
Mr. George Masso
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Matheson
Mr. Robert R. Mathieu
Mr. Santa W. Matrone
Mr. Joseph Matrullo
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Mattiello
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan I. Maxson
Ms. Dorothy B. May
Mr. and Mrs. Rene E. Mayer
Mrs. Carol H. Maynard
Mr. Louis H. Maynard
Mr. Spencer Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mc Dermott
Ms. Anna J. McAlear
Mrs. Barbara McArdle
Mr. and Mrs. James H. McAreavey
Mr. John F. McBurney, Atty
Mrs. Jane B. McCabe
Mr. Brian P. McCaffrey
Mr. F. J. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. John J. McCarthy
Mr. Kevin M. McCarthy
Mr. Thomas W. McCaughey
Mr. William D. McCaughey, Jr.
Mr. Brian McCauley
Mr. William McCauly
Mr. Arthur H. McCloskie
Ms. Barbara McConaghy
Mrs. Anna McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. McCrossan
Mrs. Jacqueline McCue
Ms. Jeanne M. McCutcheon
Ms. Lea L. McDermott
Mrs. Patricia McDevitt
Mr. and Mrs. George B. McDowell
Mrs. Linda M. McElroy
Ms. Mary L. McElroy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. McEnness
Mrs. Barbara M. McGann
Ms. Rose McGann
Ms. Mary McGarry
Mr. Albert P. McGinn
Ms. Kathryn M. McGinn
Ms. Wendy E. McGovern
Mrs. Margaret E. McGowan
Mr. Paul E. McIntosh
Mrs. Katharine McIntyre
Mrs. Mary D. McKenna
Mr. Michael P. McKenna
Mrs. Mary E. McKenney
Ms. Nancy McLeod
Mr. Edward L. McManus
Mrs. Ida D. McManus
Mrs. Elizabeth W. McMaster
Ms. Susan G. McMillan
Mr. Ronald C. McMinn
Ms. Kelly McMorrow
Mrs. Germaine A. McNally
Mr. Raymond McNally
Ms. Katherine McNamara
Mr. William A. McNamara
Mr. and Mrs. Terence McTague
Mrs. Elsie Meade
Mr. John R. Medeiros
Mr. Manuel D. Medeiros
Mrs. Maria A. Medeiros
Mrs. Mary A. Medeiros
Ms. Katherine F. Meiggs
Ms. Ruth T. Melchiori
Ms. Sue A. Mele
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mellekas
Ms. Dorothy Mello
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Mello
Mr. and Ms. William W. Mellor
Mr. Frank M. Melone, Sr.
Ms. Arabella N. Melucci
Ms. Carolyn D. Menard
Mrs. Mary A. Menard
Ms. Roxanne L. Menard
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton A. Mercer
Ms. Dorothy A. Mercer
Ms. Gina Mercer
Mereco Technologies Group, Inc.
Mrs. Rose C. Merenda
Ms. Pauline T. Mernick
Mr. John L. Merriam
Ms. Eva M. Merrifield
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Mershon
Mr. and Mrs. Agostino Mesolella
Mr. Michael J. Messere
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Messier
Mr. Marcel H. Messier
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Meyers
Mr. Nicholas Mezzini
Ms. Mary Michaud
Middletown Cruise & Travel, Inc.
Mr. John P. Midgley
Mr. & Mrs. J. Warren Midwood
Mr. Anthony Miele
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Migliozzi
Mr. John Mignarri
Mrs. Margaret Mikaelian
Ms. Annie R. Millard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Millard
Ms. Deborah M. Miller
Ms. Doris M. Miller
Mrs. Frances L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Miller
Mr. John Miller, Jr.
Ms. Madeline Miller
Ms. Virginia J. Miller
Mr. John Millette
Ms. Edith Mills
Ms. Marcia Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mimoani
Mr. Michael J. Minarik
Mr. and Mrs. Keith V. Minchillo
Mr. Armand Minkin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Miranda
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mitrelis
Ms. Elizabeth Mitura
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Mobrice
Mr. Mark B. Moffett
Mrs. Annemarie Moitoza
Dr. and Mrs. Ferdinand J. Molak
Mr. Michael Mollo
Ms. Rosaline A. Molloy
Ms. Jennie Monda
Mr. Adelino M. Moniz
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Moniz
Mr. Joseph Moniz
Mr. Manuel R. Moniz
Ms. Patricia Monroe
Ms. Janine Monte
Mr. Orazio A. Montecalvo
Ms. Barbara J. Montero
Mr. and Mrs. Leo P. Montminy
Ms. Stasia Monty
Mr. and Mrs. Frank O. Moon
Ms. Ella Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. George Moore
Mrs. Elizabeth Moran
Miss Helen R. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Moran
Ms. Marlene Moreau
Ms. Jane T. Morein
Ms. Emilia Moreira
Ms. Dorothy P. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Morgan
Mrs. Karen Morgan
Ms. Alma A. Morin
Ms. Eileen Morin
Mrs. Jo-Ann M. Morin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O. Morin
Mr. Leo Morin
Ms. Nancy G. Morland
Ms. Avis M. Morley
Mr. Ernest J. Morrill
Mrs. George Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Fred B. Morrison
Ms. Maria Morrison-Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Mort
Mr. Thomas A. Mort
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Mosca
Ms. Donna Moschetti
Ms. Beatrice Mossberg
Mr. and Mrs. Luis V. Mota
Mr. Kendall Moultrop
Ms. Joanne Mouradjian
Mr. Krikor Mouradjian
Mr. and Mrs. Rolland K. Mowchan
Ms. Lucille R. Moyen
Ms. Barbara A. Muddiman
Ms. Esther Mudrick
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Muehlberg
Ms. Yvette M. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Muessel
Mr. Robert W. Jacob and Ms. Eustacia S. Muir
Ms. Helen Mulcahey
Mr. John E. Mulholland
Miss Sheila Mulholland
Mr. John Mullaney
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mullen
Ms. Arlene E. Mulligan
Mr. George W. Mullins, Jr.
Mrs. Edith M. Mulvey
Mr. Joseph V. Mulvey
Mrs. Marion B. Munch
Mr. Marcus Munsill
Dr. James J. Murdocco
Ms. Carmella M. Murphy
Mrs. Catherine Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Murphy
Mrs. Mary W. Murphy
Mrs. Melva E. Murphy
Ms. Shelia Murphy
Ms. Teresa J. Murphy
Mr. Thomas J. Murphy
Ms. Blanche Murray
Mr. William P. Murray, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Murtough
Ms. Annette P. Musco
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Mushlin
Mr. Alan A. Musumeci
Ms. Marjory Myers
Ms. Naomi Myers
Mr. Denis Myette
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel M. Nadeau
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Nahigian
Mrs. Debra A. Najmowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Nangle
Mr. Stephen R. Nani
Mr. and Mrs. Armand Napoli
Narragansett Elementary School
Ms. Elizabeth A. Nass
Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Nassi
Ms. Linda Nastari
Mr. and Mrs. Biaggio A. Natale
Ms. Victoria Natalizia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Nedeau
Ms. Valentina Negron
Mr. George Nehme
Mr. Thorsten Nelson
Ms. Virginia Nespolo
Mr. Godofredo L. Neto
Ms. Julia Netto
Mr. Gunter Neumann
Mr. and Mrs. Joaquim A. Neves
Ms. Joyce Neves
Ms. Maria Neves
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Nevins
Ms. and Mrs. Janet A. Newberg
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Newhall
Ms. Linda Newlands
Mr. Alfred Newman
Ms. Gertrude Newman
Ms. and Mr. Lenora M. Newman
Mrs. Hope G. Newton
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Nichipor
Ms. Jeanette Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Henry K. Nichols
Mr. Paul C. Nicholson
Mr. James Nickson
Mr. Donald Niedermann
Mrs. Ann Nieratko
Mrs. Doreen Niewiecki
Ms. Rebecca Nightingale
Ms. Jo-Ann E. Nilsen
Ms. Rosemary Nixon
Ms. Barbara Nobile
Mrs. Roberta Noiseux
Mr. Edward Nolan
Ms. Bertha H. Norek
Ms. Patricia A. Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred P. Normandin
Mr. and Mrs. Ira K. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood W. Northrop
Ms. Mildred Norton
Ms. Susan Notarfrancesco
Mr. Antonio M. Nugueira
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred N. Nunes
Mr. Anthony C. Nunes
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Nunes
Mrs. Linda Nunez
Mr. Miosotis Nunez
Ms. Dorothy O' Connell
Mr. Daniel F. O' Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. O' Connor
Mr. and Mrs. William A. O' Connor
Ms. Yolande C. O' Donnell
Ms. Mary O' Grady
Mrs. Ellen O' Laughlin
Ms. Eleanor M. O' Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Austin W. O' Toole
Mr. and Mrs. James J. O'Connell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O'Connor
Ms. Hilda O'Malley
Ms. Clare G. O'Neill
Mrs. Constance M. O'Neill
Mr. Arthur P. O'Sullivan
Ms. Barbara M. O`Connell
Mr. Raymond Oakley
Mr. James L. Obrien
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Offersen
Mr. Wilfred J. Ogden
Mrs. Claire M. Ogg
Mrs. Elsie M. Ogren
Mr. Joel D. Oliveira
Mr. and Mrs. James Oliver
Ms. Maria H. Olivera
Ms. Maria Oliviera
Capt. and Mrs. Howard C. Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Olson
Ms. Elsie Oltedale
Ms. Mary E. Oneil
Dr. Henry R. Oppenheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Santo Orlando
Mrs. Hilda Orsini
Mr. James H. Ortmann
Ms. Debra A. Osullivan
Mrs. Maria C. Otis
Mr. Robert Otoleva, Jr.
Ms. Annie M. Ouellette
Ms. Jennifer Ouellette
Mrs. Joan Ouellette
Mr. Alfred J. Ouillette
Mr. Robert E. Owens, Jr.
Mr. Carlos A. Pacheco
Ms. Hilda Pacheco
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Pacheco
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Pacheco
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Pacheco
Ms. Kimberly A. Pachico
Mr. Joseph Pagano
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pagano
Ms. R. T. Page
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Paglia
Ms. Sarah E. Pagnozzi
Ms. Crystal W. Paige
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Paige
Ms. Joann C. Paletta
Mrs. Marie S. Paliotta
Ms. Teresa Paliotta
Mr. Leonard Palizza
Mr. Robert E. Palme
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Palombo
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Palumbo
Mr. Antonio Palumbo
Mrs. Marie R. Palumbo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Palumbo
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Panaggio
Mr. Harold T. Panciera
Ms. Stella Pannone
Mr. and Mrs. David Papineau
Ms. Marguerite Papitto
Mr. Paul A. Pappalardo
Mr. Adelard H. Paquette
Mrs. Esther G. Paradiso
Mr. Michael A. Paradiso
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Pare
Ms. Dorothy W. Parks
Mrs. Carmella Pashalian
Mr. Richard Paster
Babubhai Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Patnaude
Mrs. Barbara C. Patterson
Ms. Irene Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd I. Patterson
Ms. Sandra M. Patterson
Ms. Carol A. Paul
Ms. Adele H. Paulhamous
Mrs. Adele H. Paulhamous
Ms. Angela M. Paulhus
Mr. Paul L. Paulsen
Mr. David Payne
Ms. Kathy G. Pazera
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Pearson
Ms. Cynthia Pearson
Mr. Oscar H. Pearson
Mr. William Pearson Jr.
Mr. Herve Pelland
Mr. Frank Pellegrino
Ms. Elizabeth Pelley
Mr. A. C. Pello
Ms. Maria Peloquin
Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Peltier
Mr. Charles J. Penelton
Ms. Ruth Peno
Ms. and Ms. Rita Pepin
Dr. and Mrs. Morton L. Perel
Mrs. Brenda Perella
Mr. Frank L. Perra
Ms. Bonnie Perrault
Miss Pauline C. Perreault
Mr. Gennaro Perrotti
Ms. Beverly Perry
Mr. Melvin J. Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald H. Perry
Mr. Richard A. Perry
Mr. Robert Perry
Ms. Maria Persechino
Mr. Morris F. Perugini
Mr. Joseph A. Pescatello, Sr.
Mr. Manual Pestana
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Peterson
Ms. Carol A. Petit
Ms. Frances Petit
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Petrie
Mrs. Cynthia Petrillo
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Petrosky
Mr. Raymond Petrucci
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Petrucci
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pettee
Ms. Arleen Petti
Ms. Lisa S. Pettinicchio
Mr. Ed Pezzi
Mr. James A. Pezzullo, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Phelan Sr.
Mrs. Margaret L. Philbin
Mr. David Philips
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Piatek
Ms. Beatrice M. Piche
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Piche
Ms. Pauline D. Pichette
Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Pickett
Mr. Edward J. Pienkos
Miss Jean M. Piercy
Mr. John Pierson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pietryski
Ms. Gloria R. Pignatelli
Ms. Regina A. Pike
Ms. Michelle Pillo
Ms. Elizabeth L. Pilloni
Mr. and Mrs. John Pimental
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Pimental
Mrs. Jennifer B. Pina
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Pincince
Mr. Joseph Pine
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pippins
Mrs. Gloria M. Pisaturo
Mr. William Pistocco, Jr.
Ms. Gladys I. Pitney
Mrs. Evelyn Pittore
Mr. Donald Placido
Ms. Carolyn Plana
Ms. Claire H. Plante
Ms. Emillienne E. Plante
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Plante
Mrs. Mary Plante
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Podgurski
Mrs. Nancy Podzaline
Ms. Janet P. Poirier
Mr. Robert D. Polseno
Ms. Josephine V. Ponanski
Mr. Ugo Pontarelli
Ms. Zelia C. Ponte
Ms. Michelle Ponton
Ms. Loretta R. Poole
Mr. Thomas Poole
Ms. Mary E. Popiolek
Mrs. Ruth Popovich
Ms. Flora Popovici
Ms. Genevieve R. Potter
Mr. Henry I. Potter
Ms. Margarete Potter
Mr. Richard G. Pouliot
Ms. Eleanore Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Pratt
Ms. Winifred E. Pratt
Ms. Pauline M. Pray
Mrs. Theresa E. Prenda
Ms. Rita M. Prendergast
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Previte
Mrs. Claire Priest
Mr. and Mrs. Mauro Primo
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Procter
Mrs. Donald J. Prout
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Provost
Mr. Lucien H. Provost
Mr. Robert M. Provost
Ms. Wendy J. Pucci
Mr. Louis Pucino
Mrs. Jacqueline A. Puffer
Ms. Mary C. Pugliese
Mr. Tony Puleo
Ms. Marjorie Puschin
Mrs. Olive I. Pysz
Ms. Mary Pytel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Quartino
Ms. Barbara Quattrini
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Quetta
Mr. Clayton Quick
Mr. Thomas E. Quigley
Mr. John E. Quilitzsch
Mrs. Mary G. Quinn
Ms. Irene Quintavallo
Mr. Ralph F. Racca
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Radcliffe
Ms. Mary G. Rae
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Raiche
Mrs. Joyce Raiche
Mr. Roland J. Raiche
Mr. Sean Rainey
Ms. Celeste Rainone
Ms. Esther Rainone
Ram Engineering Company
Mr. R. L. Ramachandra
Ms. Domenica M. Rampino
Mrs. Fay A. Rand
Mr. Gerard P. Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Randall
Mr. Phillip H. Randolph
Ms. Barbara J. Ranslow
Mr. Serafino F. Raponi
Mr. Manuel Raposa
Ms. Sandra M. Raposa
Mrs. Jessica Raposo
Ms. Emma Raptakis
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ratcliffe
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Ratte
Ms. Pauline J. Rattey
Ms. Ella J. Raup
Ms. Mary L. Ravo
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ray, Jr.
Ms. Therese Ray
Mr. Joseph C. Rayball
Ms. Patricia M. Read
Ms. Lorraine Reardon
Ms. Mary L. Reardon
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Redfern
Mr. Paul Reed
Mr. John P. Reeder, Jr.
Ms. Darleen Regnaire
Mr. Domenic B. Regnanese
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Rego
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Reid
Ms. Elizabeth Reid
Mr. Colan Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Augusto Reis
Ms. Eulalia M. Reis
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reis
Mr. Malcolm Reis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Relle
Ms. Patricia Remington
Dr. Stephen A. Remsbecker
Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Renaud
Ms. Marie Renza
Mr. John Reskusich
Mrs. Norah Reynolds
Reynolds Stamp & Stencil Works
Mr. Thomas P. Rezendes
Mr. Anthony Ricamo
Ms. Bette D. Ricci
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ricci
Mr. Vincent F. Ricci
Ms. Dorothy Riccio
Mr. and Mrs. Constantino F. Riccitelli
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Richard
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Richards
Ms. Dorrie R. Richardson
Mrs. Justine M. Richardson
Dr. and Mrs. Marc H. Richman
Ms. Dorothy M. Richotte
Mrs. Marth Richtarik
Mr. and Mrs. Carl L. Richter
Ms. Louise E. Rick
Ms. Mary A. Ridgewell
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Riedel
Mrs. Rena Ries
Ms. Elizabeth Riggs
Mr. and Mrs. Domenic Rignanese
Ms. Barbara Rigney
Mr. Michael P. Rigney
Ms. Ida M. Riley
Mr. Roger D. Ringuette
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Risica
Miss Nellie A. Ritacco
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Rittmann
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Rivard
Mr. and Mrs. Carmine Rivera
Dr. Jeffrey B. Rizzolo, Jr.
Mrs. Emily J. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Roberts, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Roberts
Ms. Marion P. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Robidoux
Mrs. Carol Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. E G. Robinson
Mr. Eric Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Robinson
Mrs. Vivian L. Robinson
Cmdr. and Mrs. Wayne Robinson
Mr. Peter J. Rocchio
Mr. James R. Roch
Ms. Cecile T. Rocheleau
Mr. Donald Rocheleau
Ms. Constance N. Rochette
Mrs. Lillian M. Rochette
Ms. Evelyn M. Rodgers
Ms. Betty E. Rodrigues
Mrs. Alice W. Roe-Grenier
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Rogers
Mr. Gary E. Rogers
Ms. Marguerite M. Rogers
Ms. Mary E. Rogers
Ms. Robin Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Roland, Jr.
Ms. Henrietta Roles
Mr. Dino J. Romoli
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad R. Rondeau
Mrs. Irene D. Rondeau
Mr. Algot G. Rorrie
Ms. Ann P. Rose
Mr. Joseph Rose Sr.
Ms. Muriel Rose
Mr. Robert A. Roselli
Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Rosen
Mr. William Rosenbach
Mr. Harold Rosenberg
Mrs. & Mr. Ann and Robert Rosenblatt
Ms. Bernadette M. Ross
Mrs. Eleanor M. Ross
Mr. Norman R. Ross
Ms. Sylvia L. Rossi
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Rotenberg
Mr. Edward J. Roth
Ms. Carol S. Rotkin
Ms. Anna D. Rotondo
Ms. Rebecca R. Rotondo
Ms. Sally A. Round
Ms. Kathleen E. Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard A. Rousseau
Ms. Dorothy K. Rovane
Ms. Betty A. Rovedo
Mr. and Mrs. John Rowan
Mrs. Claire Roy
Mr. Donald R. Roy
Mr. Archie Royster
Mr. Robert P. Rucando
Mr. and Mrs. John Ruddy
Mrs. Susan Ruge
Ms. Mary C. Ruggieri
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rupp
Mr. Onofrio A. Ruscette
Ms. Mary Ruscetti
Ms. Freda Russell
Ms. Shirley Russell
Mr. Warren Russell
Ms. Laurie Ruth
S. Rutkevicz
Ms. Shirley L. Rutter
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ruzzo
Ms. Lois E. Ryan
Ms. Patricia E. Ryan
Sarah R. and Robert C. Ryan
Ms. Mary Ryder
Ms. Marjorie A. Rymell
Mr. Henry F. Sabourin
Mrs. Esther T. Sadlier
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan G. Safferson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Saillant
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Salamon
Mr. and Mrs. Rafael A. Salazar
Ms. Mary Jane Sales
Mrs. Patricia Salisbury
Mr. George Salmsen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Salois
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Salpietro
Mr. Robert G. Salsberry
Ms. Nina Salter
Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Salter
Ms. Violanda Salvagna
A. Samaha
Ms. Ruth Samit
Ms. Kristin R. Samuelson
Mr. and Mrs. Vena San Antonio
Ms. Patricia A. Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Sandru
Mr. Carlton Sanford
Mr. and Mrs. Osvaldo Santiago
Ms. Dolores D. Santos
Ms. Virginia Santos
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Sargent
Mr. Craig Sasges
Mr. Joseph A. Sauro
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Savage
Ms. Rita Savoie
Mrs. and Ms. Yolanda Sayles
Mr. and Mrs. Erik T. Scalavino
Mr. and Mrs. Ann F. Scanlon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Scetta
Mrs. Helen Schell
Dr. and Mrs. Y. Jacob Schinazi
Ms. Cynthia Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart P. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. David Schnell, Jr.
Ms. Barbara L. Schock
Mrs. Alice Schoman
Ms. Janet M. Schortmann
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Schwartz
Mr. Stanley Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Sciola
Mr. Richard Sciola POA
Ms. Irene E. Scolavino
Ms. Dora M. Scorpio
Mr. Richard A. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. William Scott, Jr.
Sea Shai Restaurant
Ms. Linda Sears
Sears Roebuck and Company
Mr. Willard Seaton
Mr. and Mrs. Hillard G. Seaver
Ms. Nancy-Jane K. Seavor
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Sedgley
Ms. Jayne L. Seidenberg
Ms. Hazel Seilhamer
Ms. Gloria Selby
Ms. Amelia M. Sell
Mr. and Mrs. Earl T. Senecal
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sepe, Jr.
Mr. Manuel A. Serpa
Mr. Rodney Settles
Mrs. Barbara H. Shafer
Mr. Arthur H. Shapiro
Dr. Jeffrey Shapiro
Mr. Samuel Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Shaw
Mr. James A. Shaw
Mrs. Claire E. Shea
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Shea
Mr. Mark Shea
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shea
Ms. Jacqueline Shearman
Mr. Charles F. Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sheekey
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Shelbourne
Mrs. Rita B. Shephard
Ms. Mary F. Sherlock
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin F. Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Sherman
Ms. Leona R. Sherman
Ms. Marjorie L. Sherman
Mrs. and Mr. Roberta R. Sherman
Mrs. Sidney H. Sherman
A. Sherring
Mr. George Shevchuk
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Shields
Ms. Daisy L. Shippee
Ms. Irene Shlevin
Stephen and Marybeth Shorrock
Ms. Marilyn R. Shriver
Mrs. Doris Shunney
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shunski
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Silberman
Ms. Alice S. Silva
Mr. Billy Silva
Mr. Donald W. Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin N. Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Silva
Ms. Mildred L. Silva
Ms. Theresa Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Silva
Ms. Delfina Silveira
Ms. Mary Silveira
Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Silvia, Jr.
Mr. John J. Silvia
Mr. and Mrs. John Silvia
Ms. Lucy A. Silvia
Mrs. Barbara D. Simmons
Mrs. Eunice M. Simmons
Ms. Mary V. Simonds
Ms. Wilhelmina Simoni
Mr. Walter J. Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Amritjit Singh
Ms. Delores A. Sipples
Ms. Rose M. Sirenski
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sisson
Ms. Mildred M. Sjogren
Mrs. Ruth M. Skoog
Ms. Mila Skowron
Ms. Mary S. Small
Mr. Esmond Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Smith
Mr. John L. Smith
Mrs. June M. Smith
Ms. Lynn Smith
Mrs. Marcia W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mary T. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Smith
Mrs. Theresa Smith
Dr. James Sniffen
Ms. Esther Snow
Mr. Willard C. Snow
Ms. Patricia G. Snyder
Ms. Christine L. Soave
Mr. Ernest M. Socha
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond J. Sokoloski
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Solecki
Ms. Fredi Solod
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Solvang
Mr. and Mrs. Adelard L. Soucy
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Soucy
Miss Priscilla Soucy
Ms. Elvira Sousa
Mrs. Gilda M. Sousa
Mr. James Sousa, Jr.
Ms. Louise E. Sousa
Mrs. Mary I. Sousa
Mrs. Betty Southworth
Ms. Khoren P. Souvalian
Mr. Antone S. Souza
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Souza
Mrs. Hella Souza
Mr. John Souza
Ms. M. Ida Souza
Ms. Nancy Marshall and Ms. Olive Souza
Ms. Arlene C. Sparadeo
Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Sparks, Jr.
Mr. Marc Spatz
Mr. Irving A. Spaulding
Mr. Richard Spaziano
Mr. John B. Speaker
Mrs. Charles I. Speakman
Ms. Janet Speck
Ms. Barbara M. Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. David Spencer
Ms. Dorothy E. Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Spencer
Ms. Nancy Spencer
Ms. Palmira Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Spicer
Ms. Helena A. Spikula
Mr. William L. Spillane
Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Spina
Ms. Michelle A. Spinella
Mrs. Lorraine Spooner
Mr. and Mrs. William Spreyer, Jr.
Col. Richard Sproch
Mr. John M. St. Angelo
Mrs. Jane M. St. Coeur
Ms. Nancy St. Germain
Mrs. and Mr. Celia St. Jean
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stahowiak
Mr. Martin W. Stamp
Mrs. Margaret J. Standish
Mr. Umberto E. Stanghellini
Mrs. Harriet A. Stapleton
Mrs. Rachel Staton
Mr. Ellsworth A. Steere
Ms. Esther Steere
Ms. Martha J. Stepanian
Mrs. Eva Stephenson
Ms. Mary Stephenson
Ms. Patty Stephenson
Ms. Arzelie Stewart
Mrs. Olive Stewart
Ms. Blanche N. Stoddard
Mrs. Adeline Stoeckel
Ms. Margaret R. Stoltz
Ms. Constantinos Strekouras
Ms. Lesile Strenfels
Ms. Carolyn Strickland
Ms. Margaret E. Stringer
Mr. Larry A. Strobel
Ms. Adeline C. Strom
Mr. Robert F. Strom
Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Stumpff
Mr. and Ms. Michael Sulima
Mrs. Beatrice G. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan
Mrs. Mary E. Sullivan
Ms. Rita B. Sullivan
Mrs. Sarah E. Sullo
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Sumner
Ms. Genevieve S. Sumoski
Supreme Dairy Farms Co, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Suprenant
Ms. Janet M. Surprenant
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan I. Sutherland
Mr. Kenneth F. Swain
Ms. Helen L. Swallow
Mr. and Mrs. Gustave H. Swanson
Ms. Helen E. Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swartz
Mr. Alan Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Swenson
Ms. Louise H. Swierk
Ms. Nancy A. Swiezy
Ms. Ann Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Stacey G. Swift, Jr.
Mr. Tom B. Swindell
Ms. Elizabeth Swindells
Ms. Anna M. Swiski
Ms. Ruth Syddall
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sylvester
Ms. Viola E. Tabor
Ms. Bertha R. Taft
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Taft
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Tahakjian
Mr. Alfonso Tailors
Ms. Anna Tait
Mr. John C. Talbot
Mr. John Talone
Mr. William Tamayo
Ms. Evelyn S. Tansey
Mr. Gerald M. Tarnoff
Ms. Patricia Tarro
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Tassoglou
Ms. Florence Tattersall
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Tauc
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Tavares
Mr. Manuel Tavares, Sr.
Mrs. Nora M. Tavares
Ms. Cleone R. Taylor
Capt. and Mrs. Leroy Taylor
Ms. Lorraine A. Taylor
Mr. Rodney F. Taylor
Ms. Helen M. Tedeschi
Mr. Owen Tegan
Mr. Antonio A. Teixeira
Ms. Lydia Teixeira
Ms. Carole Temple
Ms. Mildred Temple
Mr. Joseph C. Teolis
Mrs. Doris Terranova
Mrs. Frank Terranova
Mr. Donald R. Testa
J. Tetreault
Mr. Wirt C. Thayer
The Prudential Foundation
Mr. Viengkhek Thepngone
Mr. Phouthavanh Thepsombandit
Ms. Alice Thibodeau
Mrs. Margaret M. Thibodeau
Ms. Sally J. Thibodeau
Mr. John L. Thomas
Mr. Robert M. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Thomas
Mrs. F. N. Thompson
Mr. Frank Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Thompson, Jr.
Mrs. Marie A. Thompson
Ms. Cheryl A. Thongnak
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Thornton
Mr. Edward M. Thurston
Ms. Carolyn Tick
Mrs. Nancy Tiedemann
Ms. Anne M. Tilden
Ms. Anne Tillinghast
Tina's Pub
Mr. Samuel B. Tingley
Mrs. Mary J. Tinker
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Tirrell
Ms. Marie C. Tiscione
Mr. William E. Titterton
Mr. Mark Titus
Ms. Virginia F. Titus
Mr. and Mrs. John Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Tomao
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael J. Tomao
Toppa's Foodservice & Paper Supply
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Torman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tosti
Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Tougas
Mr. Laurent D. Toupin
Ms. Julia Tourgee
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Tout
Town of East Greenwich General Fund
Dr. Joseph Tracy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tracy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Trescott
Ms. Paula Tretaskis
Mr. and Mrs. Isidore M. Tricarico
Reverend Homer L. Trickett
Mr. and Mrs. Earle N. Trickey
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Trier
Ms. Maria H. Trindade
Mr. Raymond H. Trinque
Mr. Ernest A. Triplett Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Trottier
Mrs. Catherine Trudeau
Ms. Mary E. True
Mr. William M. Truell
Ms. Anna M. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Tucker
Mrs. Phyllis Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tully
Ms. Denise M. Turgeon
Ms. Marguerite R. Turner
Mrs. Mildred L. Tymko
Ms. Edith A. Ucci
Ms. Helen Ucci
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Ullmann
Ms. Barbara E. Underhill
Ms. Lillian Underwood
Mr. Robert Underwood
United Veterans Council of Rhode Island
Mr. Albert J. Urciuoli
Ms. Dorothy Urquhart
Ms. Grace E. Urrico
Mr. Edward A. Ursillo
Mrs. Lynn Usher
Mr. Thomas P. Uva
Ms. Jeannine E. Vachon
Mr. Roland H. Vachon
Ms. Louise E. Vale
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Valentim
Mr. Anthony Valerio
Ms. Beverly Vales
Mrs. Thelma E. Vallee
Mr. and Mrs. Mathieu Valliere
Mr. Victor N. Valliere
Mr. Bruce Vallone
Mr. Nick M. Van Noort
Ms. Eveline Vanasse
Mrs. Annette J. Vandal
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vangel
Mr. Eugene Vanwye
Ms. Maria A. Vargas
Ms. Maryilene Varone
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Vaughan
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Vecchiarelli
Mr. Paul Vellucci
Ms. Deborah Venditelle
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Venezia
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Ventura
Verizon Foundation
VFW Post #11519 Woon Memorial
Mr. Gonzalo Viamontes
Ms. Colleen Viana
Mr. and Mrs. Joao Vicente
Ms. Emily Vickers
Ms. Alice A. Vieira
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos M. Vieira
Ms. Dorothea S. Vieira
Mr. Carlos R. Viera
Mr. Peter Vierra
Ms. Jacqueline A. Villanis
Mr. Stephen Villari II
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Villeneuve
Mr. John Vincent, Jr.
Ms. Margaret M. Vincent
Mr. Raymond G. Vincent
Mr. Donald A. Viner
Ms. Catherine Viti
Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Vittimberga
Mr. Fred N. Vocatura
Mr. Robert A. Voisard
Mrs. Dolores Volino
Mrs. Victoria M. Vona
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Vose, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Voyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagner
Mrs. Debbie Waldeck
Mrs. Sandra S. Waldman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Wales
Ms. Amy Walker Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Walmsley
Ms. and Mr. Chantal R. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Walsh
Mr. Edward J. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Walsh
Ms. Jeannette Walsh
Ms. Pauline C. Walsh
Mrs. Linda Waltonen
Mr. Lloyd Wands
Mr. John H. Warner
Mr. and Ms. Addie M. Warren
Mr. Robert Warren
Ms. Virginia M. Warrender
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Washburn
Ms. Esther Washington
Mr. William D. Wasilko
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Webb
Mr. Wayne Webb
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wehrlin, Jr.
Mrs. Anna Weinbaum
The Honorable Joseph R. Weisberger
Ms. Anne Welch
Mr. and Mrs. James Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Weller
Ms. Ruth Wenninger
Ms. Elinor West
Mr. and Mrs. William E. West
Ms. G. R. Westall
Ms. Sara Westerman
Ms. Charlotte A. Wetherell
Ms. Janet F. Whalen
Ms. Barbra Wheat
Wheeler School
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Whelan
Ms. Jennivive B. Whelan
Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley A. Whipple
Ms. Leslie Whitaker
Mr. C. D. White
Mr. and Mrs. Edward White
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. White
Mrs. Majorie F. White
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. White
Mr. Sidney H. White
Mrs. Terry L. White
Ms. Arline A. Whitehead
Mrs. Anna F. Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Whitwam
Ms. Dawn S. Wicklund
Ms. Camilla Wiener
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wikstrand
Mrs. Louise P. Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Wlter L. Wilk
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Wilkicki
Ms. Marguerite H. Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Williams
Ms. Dorothy Williams
Ms. Dorothy Williams
Ms. Karen M. Williams
Mr. Kenneth R. Williams
Ms. Phyllis A. Williams
Mrs. Vernetta E. Williams
Ms. Maureen E. Williamson
Ms. Barbara A. Wilson
Ms. Donna M. Wilson
Ms. Jennifer Wilson
Ms. Joan B. Wilson
Ms. Linda Wilson
Enrico Zonghi and Ms. Lisa Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Wilson
Ms. Lois Winchester
Ms. Elizabeth Winn
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Winston
Mr. Harold Winthrop
Ms. Katherine D. Witzig
Ms. Pauline C. Wolfe
Mr. Bruce A. Wolpert
Ms. Eleanor M. Wood
Mrs. Marcela Wood
Mr. Robert F. Wood
Ms. Urda K. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Woodbury
Mr. R. T. Woodruff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Woody
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Worme
Mr. Gregory Wragg
Ms. Heidi Wright
Mr. John F. Wright
Mr. Stanley E. Wynne
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Xavier, Jr.
Ms. Ntxawn V. Xiong
Mr. Wesley W. Yando, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mikhail Yankov
Mrs. Amy J. Young
Mr. Elliot A. Young
Ms. Esther M. Young
Ms. Frederica Young
Mr. Neil B. Young
Dr. Chen Y. Yu
Ms. Mary S. Zabka
Ms. Helen M. Zacchilli
Mr. Louis C. Zammarelli
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard S. Zannella
Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Zanolli
Ms. Lynn Zarella
Ms. Beverly Zarlenga
Mrs. Sanford Zarum
Mr. Raymond Zeller
Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Ziegler
Ms. Mary Zielinski
Dr. and Mrs. Steven B. Zipin
Mr. Ronald A. Zoglio
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Zompa
Mr. and Ms. Albert A. Zurlinden

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