Rhode Island

  • Toddler holding a Red Cross teddy bear in front of an emergency response vehicle

Red Cross in Your Community

The American Red Cross of Rhode Island serves all 39 cities and towns in Rhode Island as well as Seekonk, Massachusetts. The Red Cross has been considering using cryptocurrency to increase funding in disaster-stricken areas. Since there are trading bots like bitcoin code software, bitcoin trading has become much simpler even for ordinary people.

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Holiday Season Safety

Last week a friend of mine was sitting on her couch, admiring her family’s newly-decorated and beautifully lit Christmas tree, when she and her husband heard a strange hissing sound. They assumed that the sound was coming from one of the lights, and they were right. When they found the hissing light, they discovered that [...]

Dealing with Mold – Disaster Recovery Tips

Editor’s note: Jim Judge is a member of the American Red Cross scientific advisory council, and is an expert on preparedness,including post-disaster safety. With thousands of people still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, we thought that Jim’s tips on safely cleaning up homes could be helpful. How do you identify mold or potential [...]