The American Red Cross Rhode Island Chapter provides assistance to families in need … free of charge … every single day! We are not a government agency, and therefore rely on the generosity of Rhode Islanders to provide these vital services.

By making a contribution to the American Red Cross of Rhode Island Chapter, you are helping our volunteers respond to disasters and save lives. Thanks to you, when Rhode Islanders have no where else to turn, the Red Cross will be there to help.


People demand and deserve accountability from the organizations they chose to help. The Rhode Island Chapter of the American Red Cross is proud of our integrity, and strives to be highly accountable to the people and communities we serve.  Here's a look at some important facts about the Red Cross' record of stewardship that you may find interesting…


Where Do Your Dollars Go?
The chapter is steadfastly committed to honoring the intended purposes of donors' contributions. Donations marked for large national disasters are forwarded directly to the National Disaster Relief fund, which is used to pay for emergency relief operations when disasters strike in the United States. Undesignated donations are used to meet local needs in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts communities, including local disaster relief. Donations that are designated for specific local programs are restricted to those initiatives. If a donor's wishes are unclear, we contact the donor to ask for further instructions.

The bottom line is that your local Red Cross takes all steps necessary to understand and honor the intended purposes of your contribution. Donors can contact us at (401) 831-7700 or by email at [email protected] with any questions they may have in this regard.


A Four Star Independent Rating
With so many charities competing for donor dollars, it's hard to know which ones are reputable: that's why third-party reviews of nonprofit organizations are so valuable to donors.  With independent analysis of the finances of 1,700 organizations, one of the best-respected charity watchdogs is The Red Cross is proud to have received CharityNavigator's highest rating – four stars.

In addition, Worth Magazine places the Red Cross among the nation's best Human Service Charities in its annual "America's Top 100 Charities" review.


Do we sell, rent or trade your information?

Absolutely not. The Rhode Island Chapter is committed to ensuring that our donors' names are not shared with other organizations or individuals. We believe in and respect your privacy.  Your name may be listed for recognition on our website and annual report. If you prefer to remain anonymous please call Diane Holden at (401) 831-7700 x106.


Questions or Comments?
Please feel free to direct questions about the Red Cross to your local chapter at (401) 831-7700. We will be happy to respond as best we can!

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