Ř      Regional Chapter Executive






Ř      Reports to:  Service Area Executive and Regional Chapter Board Chair

Ř      Act as the chapter’s chief fundraiser

Ř      Deliver on ARC national, regional and chapter goals

Ř      Management responsibilities for Regional Chapter employees and volunteers and Community Chapter Executives

·         Total Staff:                                     9 FTE

·         Number of Volunteers                   1000

·         Approved Emergency Shelters     37

·         Shelter Capacity                           30,000 pre-landfall

15,000 post-landfall

·         Operating Budget:                         $ 1.5 – 1.6 Million

Ř      Responsible for total chapter performance, including building financial resources adequate to meet chapter needs

Ř      Responsible for building capacity and presence within their grouping of chapters (aspirational goal of at least 80% of time allocated to Regional Chapter, 20% allocated to Regional Grouping)






Ř      Deliver against solid financial goals

Ř      Successfully lead the grouping of chapters through cultural and business change

Ř      Develop a platform for year-on-year organizational growth

Ř      Build a talent-rich, performance-oriented organization










Ř      Develops and Grows Financial Revenue/Resources

Ř      Leverages Resources and Demonstrates Accountability

Ř      Manages for Continuously High Performance

Ř      Maximizes Red Cross Presence in the Community

Ř      Puts Client and Donor Needs First

Ř      Effectively Delegates


Ř      Demonstrates Red Cross Organizational Citizenship

Ř      Leads Change Effectively

Ř      Visionary

Ř      Promotes Effective Board Relations and Governance

Ř      Builds Collaboration and Consensus-Building within Grouping of Chapters






Key Responsibilities


Service Delivery:  Ensures consistent and responsive delivery of high-quality American Red Cross services based on locally assessed community needs and objectives. 

·         Builds chapter capacity for service delivery through the effective involvement and engagement of volunteers and partners

·         Develops an emergency services response program to provide services for local emergencies

·         Supports the Chapter’s statewide emergency services response system including establishing and maintaining relationships with the leadership of the State of Rhode Island, serving on the State’s Emergency Management Advisory Council (EMAC) and collaborating with Rhode Island Emergency Management (RIEMA). The Regional Chapter Executive must be available to work in the event of a large scale disaster.

·         Monitors and continuously improves service delivery system, including volunteer management, disaster preparedness and other Chapter activities pursuant to American Red Cross mission, corporate and Chapter goals, and annual plan of work.

·         Develops a strong Disaster Services Human Resources program to support major disaster response nationwide

·         Develops a comprehensive Health & Safety program that provides services to individuals and organizations

·         Ensures access to Armed Forces Emergency Services for military families

·         Ensures chapter participation in ARC international services programs

·         Addresses opportunities for other services that are aligned with national and regional strategies and meet local needs


Communications:  Maximizes Red Cross presence and relevance in the community.

·         Continuously increases community awareness, participation and commitment to the American Red Cross through effective promotion of its services

·         Ensures regular media communications to the community regarding chapter services

·         Develops and promotes a positive reputation for the organization.

·         Develops a strong internal communications program with employees and volunteers

·         Maintains communication and relationships with National American Red Cross staff and ensures that National policies are implemented and monitored.


Partnerships:  Builds partnerships within their chapter jurisdiction.

·        Ensures that the chapter works closely with local government on preparedness and emergency services planning

·        Works with local businesses to build partnerships in areas of preparedness, health & safety, response and fundraising

·        Ensures that the chapter works closely with other community charitable and social service agencies

·        Works to ensure a strong collaborative relationship between the chapters within their grouping


Fundraising:  Develops and Grows Financial Revenue/Resources: 

·         Personally demonstrates fund-raising and revenue-earning ability for the chapter.

·         Ensures the effectiveness of the Chapter’s financial development programs including corporate gifts, individual giving, Board giving, major gifts, planned giving, and special events to support Chapter activities. The Chapter Executive is directly responsible for the fiscal condition of the Chapter.

·         Ensures community support by maintaining an effective proactive public relations and marketing program, and revenue generation program. Represents the Chapter publicly and build strong collaborations with the non-profit community.

·         Builds and maintains strong relationships with philanthropic organizations, corporations, government, and neighboring American Red Cross Chapters.

·         Works with the chapter board to ensure that the chapter has adequate and diversified financial resources to meet service delivery and corporate financial development goals.

·         Provides leadership to and actively participates in raising and leveraging funds. 


Manages for High Performance:  Works to ensure that the chapter demonstrates a high level of performance.

·         Ensures that the chapter meets or exceeds performance standards

·         Ensures a strong employee and volunteer support system within the chapter that is fully representative of the demographics of the area

·         Ensures sound, realistic planning to acquire adequate financial resources, oversee the development of the Chapter’s budget, oversee the preparation of financial forecast, and allocate resources prudently to manage fiscal, legal and risk management affairs in accordance with corporate and Chapter planning.

·         Manages and evaluates Chapter staff and ensures that the Chapter adheres to its Human Resources policy and program that includes staff training and development, establishing performance goals, staff evaluations and fair compensation.

·         Ensures the development of volunteer and paid human resources for, beyond the Chapter assignments, National leadership positions, as well as career development and leadership succession.

·         Prioritizes and communicates roles and responsibilities concerning the chapter’s business plan, strategic goals and improvement initiatives

·         Demonstrates commitment to cultivating people at all levels within their purview and valuing communication to ensure retention and buy in.  Provides effective leadership in recognizing, rewarding and motivating volunteers and employees.

·         Ensures through goal-setting, delegating and feedback that employees and volunteers remain committed and accountable to the chapter, regional and corporate performance objectives and measures

·         Develops, in partnership with the chapter board and the service area executive, an annual budget that is achievable and reflects organizational goals

·        Ensures sound financial management and public accountability for contributions, income and all Red Cross assets


Promotes Effective Board Relations and Governance:  Uses the knowledge and experience of nonprofit, volunteer board governance to build and maintain positive and effective relationships with the chapter’s volunteer leaders.

·        In partnership with the Board of Directors, provides vision and strategic direction for the Chapter’s mission in Rhode Island.

·        Works with chapter Chairman and other officers and committees to establish, interpret, and administer the corporate policies governing the activities and services of the Chapter. Provides the Board of Directors with realistic, accurate and timely information, especially information needed to ensure that the Board is exercising its fiduciary responsibility.

·        Assists the Board in recruiting, motivating, retaining and developing volunteer leadership for the Board of Directors and its committees. Make provision for staff support of Board committees.

·        Develops and sustains positive and effective relationships with the chapter’s volunteer governing board and board chair

·        Supports the board chair in meeting governance responsibilities for strategic planning, financial development and adherence to corporate policies and procedures

·        Provides the chapter board with timely and accurate information, analysis and recommendations

·        Supports continuous board and other volunteer leader recruitment, education and development to ensure that chapter leadership embodies high capacity and reflects the diversity of the local community served


Builds Regional Performance:  Works with Community Chapters within their grouping to build capacity and presence throughout the grouping of chapters.

·        Builds a strong environment of collaboration and consensus-building within their regional grouping of chapters

·        Supports board efforts to build strong relationships between the chapter boards within the grouping

·        Identifies opportunities for sharing of resources between chapters to improve efficiencies and effectiveness

·        Ensures that regional strategies are in place that build service delivery, communications, partnerships and fundraising capacity throughout the grouping

·        Reviews Community Chapter plans for alignment with regional strategies and national plans

·        Ensure that the Community Chapters are in compliance with Corporate Policies and Regulations and meet established performance standards

·        Exercise fiduciary responsibilities, including presenting annual Community Chapter budgets that are aligned with regional strategies






High school diploma/GED.  College degree (BS/BA) in administration or related field or relevant equivalent experience.  Master’s degree preferred in the field of public or business administration or nonprofit management.

Significant experience and proven track record in fundraising.  Demonstrated experience and willingness to assess, plan and implement fund-raising strategies for ongoing and emerging chapter operations, capital campaigns and endowment campaigns.

Eight years experience in business or corporate administration directing a large workforce, planning and overseeing programs and solving operational and procedural problems strongly preferred.  Of the total years of experience, five years with a Red Cross chapter or in the not-for-profit sector preferred.

Demonstrated ability to motivate the participation and cooperation of employees and volunteers.  Possess a commitment to inclusiveness and an ability to work effectively with diverse groups, including key community leaders and organizations.

Possess decisive, innovative and proactive decision making with strong vision and implementation skills.  Possess well-developed crisis management and time management skills.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills, including negotiating, coaching, consulting and influencing others.  Excellent public speaking and written communication skills.

Demonstrated experience in building vision, collaboration, consensus-building and performance among diverse constituencies and ability to excel in a team collaborative environment.


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