Babysitters Training


What you need to know, and what every parent wants in a responsible babysitter!


Designed for 11-to 15-year olds, the Babysitter's Training Course can help you:

- Prevent injuries and be prepared if an emergency does happen
- How to perform first aid
- Learn diapering and feeding techniques
- Choose safe and age-appropriate toys and games

- Handle bedtime issues
- Interview for a babysitting job
- Market yourself safely
- And more!

Participants receive our Babysitter's Training Handbook and First Aid Kit.

The Babysitter's Handbook can help you learn about the responsibilities involved in being a good babysitter. Use the handbook when taking the Babysitter's Training Course and then take it with you whenever you babysit. The handbook contains information and fun activities to help you learn about:

- Safety and Safe Play - Should they really play with that toy? When is it

  okay to play outside? Learn how to prevent injuries by watching out for

  safety-related problems and fixing them.
- Leadership - How do you have fun with the kids and still stay in control? Find out the best

  ways to negotiate, mediate, and encourage positive behavior.
- Basic Care - Feeding and diaper changing can be, well, kind of messy. Learn how to handle

  these situations, and other babysitting basics, like a pro!
- Professionalism - What should you ask during a babysitting interview? What do you need to

  know to have a safe and responsible babysitting experience? How should you act when you are

  "on the job"? We'll teach you how to put your best babysitter food forward in all situations.
- First Aid - Every babysitter needs to know what to do if an accident happens. Get

  straightforward advice on how to manage everything from scrapes and bruises to life-

  threatening emergencies.





The American Red Cross Rhode Island Chapter cannot refund payments for any classes unless we cancel the class. If you cannot make a class, you will be issued a credit for another class. This credit must be used within 90 days.


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Babysitters Training (Chapter Headquarters) $40.00
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