Everyday Heroes

Charles Normand, Esq.

Charles Normand first became involved with the Red Cross when he took basic and advanced lifesaving as a member of the ski patrol, a job he refers to as "a lifeguard on the slopes."

Now a Red Cross of Rhode Island board member for two years, Charles says the Red Cross training he took as a high school student set him on a career course that now finds him as a partner at the law firm of Brown, Rudnick, Freed & Gesmer.

After working on the National Ski Patrol, Charles worked as an Emergency Medical Technician before and during his years in college. Eventually, he graduated from law school and now focuses on corporate and health care law.

Community involvement has always been a focus of Charles and led him to become a Red Cross board member. "I got a lot of help along the way," he says. "It's good if you can give some of that back. Because of previous experience with the Red Cross, it seemed like a natural fit."

Charles has been an active board member, giving the Red Cross the benefit of his legal experience. He has also worked in the areas of fundraising and board development. Charles said his previous job involved a daily commute that made it difficult for him to get involved in organizations like the Red Cross.

"I'm fortunate that my firm is supportive of my being able to do these various things," said Charles. "Before, driving back and forth made it difficult for me to get involved with the community."

A father of two, Charles said his Red Cross board experience has been "eye opening."

"I never realized all the things the Red Cross does," he says. "That has been an unexpected benefit to this experience. Once you learn about everything the Red Cross is involved in, it's impossible to not feel strongly about supporting the organization."

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