First Aid Basics

Trains individuals to become familiar with how to recognize and care for victims of illness and sudden injuries.


  • Recognize an emergency
  • List the three general steps in the emergency plan.
  • Call EMS and give necessary information.
  • Demonstrate how to check a conscious or an unconscious victim.
  • Recognize an injury or sudden illness.
  • Demonstrate how to control bleeding.
  • Demonstrate how to care for muscle, bone, and joint injuries.
  • Describe how to care for sudden illnesses.
  • List the general care steps for burns.

Course Fee: $27.00

Classes Offered in Providence
American Red Cross 105 Gano Street

 April 8  Monday 6:00 pm -9:00 pm Joleen Vatcher Chapter Headquarters

 April 27 (Full, no seats available)  Saturday 9:00 am -12:00 pm Xiu Haun Yan Chapter Headquarters

 May 28  Monday 6:00 pm -9:00 pm Joleen Vatcher Chapter Headquarters


Courses offered in North Smithfield

Landmark Rehabillitation Hospital, 116 Eddie Dowling Hwy

 April 24  Wednesday  5:00 pm - 8:00 pm  Dino Latini  Landmark Rehabilitation

 June 5  Wednesday  5:00 pm - 8:00 pm  Dino Latini  Landmark Rehabilitation


Call (401) 831-7700 ext. 110
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