The American Red Cross of Rhode Island on the Internet

Welcome to the internet home of the American Red Cross of Rhode Island. As most web designers will tell you, a website is always a work in progress. As you browse these pages you will notice some changes here and there. Some of the changes are cosmetic, affecting just the look and feel of the site. While others are structural, affecting how the site works. We have recently added a guest book feature to the site, in order to get to know our visitors. You will find the link to our guest book at the bottom of our "Front Psge". Please take the time to sign in and let us know what you like about CrossRhodes and how we can make it better.

Our purpose remains to educate, elighten and inform our visitors about the Red Cross in Rhode Island, throughout America and around the world. We will do that both here and through our pages on OSO.COM.

Working closely with other American Red Cross chapters and headquarters staff, we are able to present the most current information available on Disaster Relief operations throughout the world.

We continue to provide information about your Red Cross and opportunities for our visitors to enroll in our programs either as a student in a class or as a volunteer helping us to further our humanitarian mission.

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